Eating in Níjar

Eating in Níjar

Between the summits of Sierra Alhamilla and the Mediterranean Sea, and very close to the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, a village of white houses that keeps a very varied gastronomy. From fish to sausages, from which you can choose the restaurant and bar that most appeal to you.

Before deciding what to eat in Níjar, readers should look at where to eat, since it is a very large municipality and the location takes precedence over everything else. International food prevails over the local, so you have to look to find; Many establishments are seasonal, so look at the letter before entering. A large part of the municipality is integrated into the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, a beautiful desert area where extraordinary tomatoes are grown. The native Nigerian culinary offer includes snails in sauce, meat with tomato (product with I.G.P. La Cañada) and crumbs.

Another Andalusian dish that you can try here is the porridge, made with flour from almortas, water and salt. In addition to these, the sausages will appear in different dishes of the locality, being among them the most common ham and blood sausage. Second you can take advantage of and enjoy a dish of fish or seafood landed in a port in the province, such as red mullet, monkfish, squid or red shrimp (the latter scarce and high price). To culminate with this gastronomic variety, Níjar offers delicious sweets such as fried milk, cream tubes or angel hair biscuits.

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If you decide to eat in Níjar there are not many places to go for tapas, but one you will leave happy is El Pipa bar. Here they serve delicious tapas with drinks, such as pinchos and the traditional meat with tomato. Good rations However, it is best to eat in Nijar a la carte, so we recommend the section you will find below.

comer nijar bar pipa
Bar El Pipa

The options for eating in Níjar are abundant, because the municipality is the one of greater territorial extension of Spain and lodges several of the population centers of greater potential tourist of the Natural Park of the Cabo de Gata and its environs. We suggest you some of the best known in three of its key locations.

In the town of Los Albaricoques – known for being the setting for numerous westerns – there is the Alba restaurant, which has an extensive menu of grilled meats and local specialties served in an environment that inevitably resembles western cinema. Rich meat in sauce and porridge. Homemade and traditional meal of 10. They also have a daily menu.

The restaurant La Ola, in the Isleta del Moro, is located by the sea and, honoring its location, serves all kinds of seafood, fish and seafood rice that the owners themselves fish daily in the waters of the cape.

Another place to eat in Níjar and enjoy the best fish in the area is the restaurant La Palma, located in the bay of Las Negras and that has a menu also specializing in fresh fish and seafood. Perfect beach views, as the establishment is on the front line.

If what you are looking for is an establishment where you can celebrate a special occasion, in the locality of Agua Amarga you will find the Los Taharís restaurant, which, besides being a highlight in the preparation of rice dishes, specializes in the organization of multiple events, always looking towards the sea. A very romantic place Good gazpacho and fish fry.

Another option is the rooms of the Rodalquilar Nature Hotel, which also offer banquet services for weddings, congresses and all kinds of personalized events. And if you like to eat from the menu, we recommend Venta del Pobre, a restaurant with abundant dishes and variety.

comer nijar restaurante ola
Restaurante La Ola
comer nijar restaurante alba
Restaurante Alba

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