Eating in Almería

Eating in Almería

The great port of the caliphate, surrounded by mountains, it is the city of Europe with the greatest number of hours of sun, which has enabled the development of an intense agricultural activity. Therefore, the products, besides being fresh, are of great quality. A quiet destination to bathe in Spain throughout the year that has a good Mediterranean cuisine.

In the city of Almeria you can enjoy Andalusian cuisine at its best. Fish and seafood dishes, due to the coastal location of the municipality, will be the main ingredient of most of the dishes and tapas in the area although meat dishes are also common. Fish, grouper, red mullet, clams, mussels, prawns, squid, mackerel and the Melva de Andalucía (both products with I.G.P), among others, are very common in restaurants in the town.

You can also taste typical Andalusian dishes such as puche, stews, porridge or soups such as white garlic (cold soup with bread, ground almonds, garlic, olive oil, water and salt), famous in the region. In this town you can also find the typical Algerian cherigan, a slice of toasted bread cut to the bies on which different ingredients can be put and whose name is linked to the western film shoots and to the idea of the actors that took them from, because At its size, it was like the sheriff’s gun.

You will also find here the famous Tomatoes La Cañada with I.G.P, of exceptional quality. For the sweet tooth Almerian food is not too short, you can enjoy roscos, fried milk, puff pastries, angel hair biscuits and donuts or pops in Easter.

caballa almeria

In its urban center there are a large number of taverns and tapas bars including El Jurelico, El Rincon de Basi, La Mala or Casa Puga, among many others. Many people opt for this proposal when it comes to eating in Almería.

Specifically, the bar El Jurelico is perfect for ordering some chpirones or fried fish. With the cane or soft drink you will be served a tapa, like its rich sardines or mackerel croquettes. Located in the old town, we also recommend your aubergines with honey.

On the other hand, in El Rincón de Basi we suggest you share some of their dishes such as the fried choco with potatoes and raspberry vinaigrette or the assortment of smoked with seasoned tomato. They also have mcon menus to share among several people.

If you are a lover of tortillas … In La Mala you will find all kinds! Its menu is based on the tortilla: truffle, meat, chorizo … With the drink they serve you a well elaborated tapa. The decoration you will love. One of the best tapas in Almeria!

In all of Andalusia it is typical that with the drink they serve you a tapa and in Casa Puga it could not be less. In addition, the portions are very good: ham, red prawns, octopus … Delicious.

Almería is a city to enjoy tapas.

comer almeria bar jurelico
Bar El Jurelico
comer almeria rincon basi
El Rincón de Basi

There are numerous options for eating in Almeria. Any traveler who visits its streets may opt for a wide range of possibilities that include traditional restaurants, more innovative proposals, tapas bars or seafood restaurants.

The restaurant La Catedral is becoming an institution thanks to its innovative proposals and the quality of service and products. The suckling pig is amazing, as is the grilled octopus. Author tapas will also delight you.

Other proposals to take into account when choosing a menu or a quality menu are the restaurants La Encina, Casa Sevilla or Entrevinos, all of them good places to enjoy local cuisine in its most varied formats. In La Encima we recommend sirloin, very juicy. In Casa Sevilla a good dish would be the grilled vegetables and Entrevinos the tuna tartar. The latter is one of the best rated of our selection, although it is not elegant. If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion the best thing will be to try where we propose you next.

The Club de Mar de Almería has catering facilities adapted to accommodate a large number of guests and a delicious menu according to their capacity; It is one of the main places to celebrate events and parties in the city. Good place to eat from a paella to fish, meat and even rations.

Another option, in a city that lives so facing the sea, is to eat in some of the seafood restaurants that, as in the case of Baviera or Alcázar, always offer fresh and quality food to their customers.

comer almeria restaurante catedral
Restaurante La Catedral
comer almeria encina
La Encina

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