the 10 commandments of fascinating spain


  1. 1.You shall enjoy the Spanish culture and traditions

  2. 2.You shall enjoy the Spanish places and nature

  3. 3.You shall respect the diversity of Spain | Diversity is our great value

  4. 4.You shall share the contents you like | Spain is more enjoyable by sharing it

  5. 5.You shall venerate the Spanish cuisine

  6. 6.Quality shall be the value that guides you

  7. 7.You shall buy Spanish products | You shall support the ‘made in Spain’

  8. 8.You shall celebrate the festivities | Especially those in the villages

  9. 9.You shall have an open mind towards new experiences | There is much to try and discover

  10. 10.You shall value the Spanish without discriminating from the rest | We do not seek to be better or worse, we always seek to enhance it from a positive point of view