Jamón de Teruel

One of the Spanish gastronomic gems is cured ham, with a quality and singularity that is appreciated beyond the borders. The ham from Teruel was one of the first to obtain the Denomination of Origin in Spain.

The cured hams are produced exclusively from Landrace pigs (the standard type), Large White pigs or a cross of the two (mother line), and Duroc pigs (the father line). These pigs are born and raised in the farms of the Teruel province.

These hams are characteristic for having a bright red colored meat with fat partially cutting through the meat. The cure is done in natural dryers in conditions typical of the area, with the minimum duration of the process being 14 months. The entire pieces are branded with the word “Teruel” and a star with 8 points.

The ham of Teruel was the first in Spain to be elevated to a Denomination of Origin, and in fact, it is not surprising if we take into account the tradition that exists in the region of the consumption of pig products. During the Muslim occupation of Teruel, the consumption of pork was prohibited, even though it was part of the culture previously. There exists information about the price of bacon from 1332-1438.

These origins have created a solid tradition of meat and ham that has translated into the existing ham of the D.O. Jamón de Teruel. The curers can be found 800 meters (2,624 ft.) above sea level, in a climate that is cold and dry, where they can create hams of the highest quality.

You can buy a Jamón de Teruel from its original source in:  Albarracín, AlcañizCalandaCalomardePitarqueRubielos de MoraTeruel and Valderrobres.

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