The best plans to enjoy Christmas in Euskadi

Christmas is just around the corner. Lights, carols, decoration, markets … everything is perfect to live the season’s atmosphere here in the Basque Country.

What most matters these days is spend time with our beloved ones. It’s time to meet and enjoy the moments together in the big feasts. Therefore, in this article we want to recommend you some of the best plans in the Basque Country. Here people know how to unite music, gastronomy, fun and nature in the same dates. Do you want to know the best plans for Christmas in the Basque Country?

Ice skating

This plan is one of the classics of Christmas in the Basque Country. The Plaza de la Virgen Blanca in Vitoria becomes the idyllic setting for a Christmas scene.

From December 15 to January 6, you can enjoy this ice rink in the center of the city, surrounded by white buildings. If you do not know how to skate, do not worry, there will be instructors that will teach you. If you are already an expert, go on!

Pista de hielo Plaza de la Virgen Blanca
Pista de hielo Plaza de la Virgen Blanca

Candle night

We are staying in Vitoria a little more. The Friday before Christmas Eve the city celebrates its more wonderful festival. 15,000 candles will light the beautiful Medieval Historic Centre to welcome the year’s most wonderful season.

These candles will create such a warming atmosphere and host one of the most magical Christmas happenings of the Basque Country.

From such an ideal plan, food can’t be missing; Food points and different tastings such as mulled wine will be open to public.

navidad en el País Vasco
Noche de las Velas

Mercado de Santo Tomás

If something is crystal clear is that Christmas in the Basque Country is an unforgettable experience thanks to unique festivals that take place in the area. One of them is Santo Tomás. It takes place on December 21 in most places except for Arrasate where the event is hosted on December 22.

It´s a festival that marks the beginning of Christmas in the Basque Country. It is celebrated in Azpeitia, Lekeito, Irún and Hondarribia, among others.

Probably the most important characteristic is the area’s cuisine. In Santo Tomás you can taste some of the best traditional products like talo (Basque bread) or cider. You can also try cheeses, txakolí, honey or rosquillas. You won’t leave with an empty stomach!

Not only will you taste delicious food in the Basque country but you will also enjoy traditional music, dances and animal fair. There are also special activities for the little ones.

navidad en el País Vasco
Mujer haciendo talos

Donostiarra Choir Concert, Haurrena Haurrentzat

In 28th December, in the Holy Innocents day, the Donostiarra Choir holds a concert. 300 children sing to raise funds for UNICEF, in the Kursaal Auditorium, in San Sebastian.

Since 1998, the delicate and lovely voices leave their own mark during this unique Christmas festive in the Basque Country. If you like music, this is the perfect moment to enjoy a concert named “From Children to Children”

navidad en el País Vasco
Concierto "De los Niños para los Niños"

Christmas Crib of Laguardia

The church of Santa María de los Reyes in Laguardia, hosts every year one of the best Christmas cribs of the Basque Country. It is composed of 73 figures; most of Rococo style that represent different nativity and life scenes of Jesus.

It’s actually one of the few Baroque Christmas cribs with movement, conserved until our days. It is not only a work of art but also an important cultural element, surrounded by Christmas Carols. It’s a perfect place for all ages, as both adults and the little ones will enjoy this unique decoration.

navidad en el País Vasco
Belén articulado

Oma Forest

The Oma Forest cannot be missing from this article about Christmas in the Basque Country. Here is the perfect plan to enjoy in one of the most magical places of Spain!

If the forest is an idyllic place during the rest of seasons, just imagine how beautiful it has to be in winter, surrounded by snow. Agustín Ibarrola’s paintings of the famous trees will be covered by a thick snow layer, perfect to enjoy the landscape at its best moment. The little ones can carry their sleighs and slide between the trunks.

We think that nature is always a good option for a getaway and during Christmas is the perfect plan to escape routine and enjoy the most fascinating time of the year.

navidad en el País Vasco
Bosque de Oma

Spending Christmas time in the Basque Country with your beloved ones is a unique and unforggetable experience! The season’s aromas and warmth invite you to live the most fascinating time of the year and enjoy the best plans!

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