The Way to Santiago in group

Human beings are social by nature, so wanting to live group experiences is normal. Family, friends and other companions are good options when we organize a trip. So, how about doing the Way to Santiago in group? Many people want an active alternative for doing routes, sports or a pilgrimage. The Way to Santiago is the perfect plan if you want a cheap trip where you are not going to be alone and have an amazing experience.

This is how you can do the Way to Santiago in group; a plan that has many advantages but also some disadvantages.

camino de santiago en grupo


Firstly, we advise you to choose well the people you’re going to be surrounded with. It’s better to be around people you trust, as you’ll spend many hours together. Maybe this could be the best moment to gather and see those ones that you haven’t seen for a long time.

If you do the Way to Santiago in group, you will never feel alone. There’s always going to be someone you can talk to and laugh with. This is one of the most important positive points. Even though it gets tough, the Way is an amazing experience. Pilgrims can have physical and emotional bad moments. That’s why having someone next to you is an advantage, as they can console you, encourage you or just make you laugh.

Security is a worrisome matter among pilgrims. Doing the Way to Santiago in group could give you the peace of mind you wouldn’t completely have if you decided to walk alone. When you’re accompanied, it’s less likely to suffer an accident, a theft or being tricked. Walking in group is not going to avoid a disaster, but it will be easier to deal with it.

camino de santiago en grupo

Doing the Way to Santiago in group is a great alternative for families. Children can do the route in the company of adults. In this case we’ll need to adapt the stops to the kids, but it’s the perfect plan to do with the family.

Splitting expenses is also a positive point. This will make the Way cheaper for you. Keep in mind that hostels are usually paid individually, but you could spend less in food and groceries.


Nevertheless, not everything is positive if you do the Way to Santiago in group. You have to depend on the rhythm of the rest. You won’t always be able to go at your own pace, as you’ll have to wait for the members of the group. Besides, not everyone needs the same amount of rest. If you walk in group, you’ll have to adapt.

camino de santiago en grupo

Like we said before, disputes are something common. We are more, so more opinions and points of view arise. This doesn’t mean, however, that fighting is going to be a constant. Doing the Way in group is, actually, a communal experience in which we can learn to be more flexible and simple.

Acommodation could be a problem if you walk in a big group. We advise you to book in advance or looking for alternative hostels. But one thing is true: if you arrive in the hostels the first, you won’t have a problem.

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Text: Fátima González-Besada Gómez

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