The English Way: From Ferrol to Santiago


The English Way is a route that can start from Ferrol or A Coruña. In Fascinating Spain we will talk you about the option that departs from Ferrol because it is the only one that allows you to obtain the Compostela (because from A Coruña it does not reach 100 kilometers). If you want to escape from the massification of other routes, the English Way is a perfect option.

In general, this itinerary is well signposted thanks to the Xacobeo plan and the work of the Consorcio do Camiño Inglés. The English Way allows pilgrims to enjoy a coastal route but without losing rural and inland stretches.

The English Way was a pilgrimage route that pilgrims from the North and West of Europe followed, not only the English. Also Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian or Flemish pilgrims. Due to storms and maritime conditions, the pilgrimage sometimes involved a greater challenge than a pilgrimage exclusively by land. This also made the beginning of the pilgrimages vary, therefore, officially there are two starting points for this route: Ferrol and A Coruña.

The English Way allowed to reduce the time of pilgrimage to a couple of weeks round trip, in addition to not having to cross the Pyrenees (an area that was full of thieves and crooks). Thus, between the 12th and 15th centuries, this route had its highest peak.

Since this route is very close to the sea, temperatures are mild throughout the year. There are no winters with extreme temperatures and frosts do not usually occur. In addition, summers do not have very high temperatures either. It is a perfect route to do at any time of the year.

Many of the towns that form this route live behind the Camino. It is not a route that has many services, but the inhabitants of these towns compensate with their kindness.


Although as we have said, the stretch from Ferrol to Santiago is well signposted, the Ferrol exit may have some problems to find the right way.

The first stage of the English Way begins in Ferrol, specifically in the port of Curuxeiras. This day follows the silhouette of the Ártabra coast until arriving at Pontedeume.

The first half of this stage is easy. It runs along the banks of the Ferrol estuary. As the path goes away from those moderate slopes, the route becomes a little steeper.

In this first stage, services will not be a problem. You will find all kinds of establishments in the route or very close to it.

Although this second stage is only 19 kilometers to reach Betanzos, it is not an easy one. It is one of the hardest stages of the English Way. This is because the stage has a lot of ups and downs. One of the hardest is the slope of Pontedeume. Although it is a very hard stage, it is also a very beautiful one.

If the previous stage was already hard, this one is even more. It is a long stage of about 30 kilometers that goes through a very steep terrain. This stage has very few services although since 2012 there is an intermediate hostel in Presedo. With this stage, the pilgrim moves away from the coastal landscape to advance to the interior.

The penultimate stage of the English Way is one of the simplest. The route is quite flat and there is an abundance of hotel services. When arriving at Sigüeiro, it will be necessary to take into account that there is no hostel for pilgrims and no public space is enabled, so it will be necessary to stay in some hotel accommodation.

The last stage of the English Way presents a medium difficulty. They are only 16 kilometers with some moderate slopes. In this stage there are abundant shades and enough refreshment points. Finally, you reach the long-awaited Cathedral of Santiago.


We have prepared a page with sections pertaining to local gastronomy and lodging for each town along the English Way to Santiago. There are some options for pilgrims who want to sleep near the English Way during their journey. These options include hotels as well as rural houses and shelters. The cities appear in the waliking order:


Ferrol: Eat and sleep 

Pontedeume: Eat and sleep 

Betanzos: Eat and sleep 

Hospital de Bruma: Eat and sleep 

Sigüeiro: Eat and sleep

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