Kira Challenge: a charity adventure in the Way to Santiago

Doing the Way to Santiago is a life experience which can be sport-related or even personal. In fact, there are people that make it a charity experience. Today we’re introducing to you the Kira Challenge.

The Kira Challenge was born in 2015 as a result of an initiative to raise funds for child cancer research. Since that moment, new challenges have been organized and in 2018, the Way to Santiago will be the setting of its third edition. The authors of this proyect are Alberto Castrelo (participant in the previous editions) and Javier del Río.

These adventure seekers plan to go across Cádiz towards Santiago de Compostela through Vía de la Plata, completing 1.000 km (621, 37 miles) in about 16 days. And the challenge doesn’t end here, as they are going to do it by mushing scooter (Alberto) and unicycle (Javier).

The Kira challenge aims to raise awareness on child cancer research. In addition, the participants want to make people aware of their responsibility on this cause and to spread the word about the importance of donating bone marrow. All the earnings –they aim to raise 3.000 euros– will be donated to Pablo Ugarte Foundation, an institution born in 2010 and created by the parents of the child who gives name to the NGO.

Pablo was a 10-year-old boy that died due to child cancer. His parents aim now to help other sufferers of the illness, as well as different cancer research teams (they’re currently helping 12). Whatever is raised will be entirely handed over to complete this mission. The donations to the Kira Challenge can be made online.

In Fascinating Spain we will follow Alberto and Javier’s steps and let you know about their progress. We invite you to follow us in the Facebook profile Camino de Santiago Fascinante (in Spanish) to be up-to-date. We hope that you will be with us in this amazing adventure.

We always encourage our pilgrims, but this time, with more strength than ever: WE WISH YOU A GOOD WAY!

Text: Fátima González-Besada Gómez

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