Camino de Santiago packing list

The previous moments of doing the Camino are always surrounded by nervousness. Do you need a Camino de Santiago packing list? Undoubtedly, all pilgrims, at least the novices, would like to have that list. That list will vary according to the time of year in which you decide to do the Camino. If you choose to do the Camino de Santiago in winter, the backpack will be different.

The first advice we will give you to do the Camino de Santiago packing list is: take just the essential. As pilgrims, you will be happy not carrying things that you are not going to use.


What to put in the backpack?

The first thing is choosing a backpack. It is very important that it is a comfortable one. Also, experts recommend that, once you finish your bag, its weight does not exceed 10% of the pilgrim’s weight.

Another important point of the Camino de Santiago packing list is footwear. Wearing new shoes will increase the chances of blisters and chafing. We also do not recommend using very old shoes that are damaged. It is best to wear shoes for 2 or 3 months before starting the Camino, and it is even better if you trained with long walks.

In the backpack, you should also put half-mountain pants. As always, we recommend that you have already used it and that it is practical and comfortable. You should also add some shorts, in summer they will be very useful.

Do not forget also a sweatshirt or sweater that is comfortable and that weighs little. The weight is very important, because, when it’s hot, you’ll have to carry it.

You will also need two t-shirts. You will wear one of them and the other is an extra one. It is important that they are short-sleeved so that the backpack does not hurt your shoulders.

Three sets of underwear. Here, it is important that the socks are made of synthetic material and without seams. We recommend that you also bring a swimsuit.

For showers in hostels you will need to wear flip flops. In addition, they will be very well for your feet to rest after a hard stage.

In your kit you should bring: brush and toothpaste, deodorant, petroleum jelly (to apply to the feet and prevent blisters) and sun protection. In addition, we recommend that you bring microfiber towel so that it weighs and bulks little.

If you are going to sleep in shelters, you will need to carry a sleeping bag and a pillowcase (although in some you will have the option of renting sheets).

Do not forget to bring a detergent or soap to wash your clothes.

Of course, on the Camino de Santiago the rain can always appear, so a thin rain jacket will be your best ally. Also, do not forget to wear a hat or cap.

Do not forget your documentation and the credential. In addition, the mobile phone and the charger can be of great help in case of emergency.

Qué llevar al Camino de Santiago

First aid kit for the Camino de Santiago

We recommend that you bring your small first aid kit to be able to do small cures. You should take plasters, dermatological antiseptic (Betadine), gauze, thread, needle, lighter, tape and some anti-inflammatory. Some dressings for blisters can also be very helpful.

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