5 charming villages in the French Camino

The French Way to Santiago is the most chosen route by pilgrims every year. In this page we want to highlight 5 villages in the French Camino because we think they have a special charm. Keep reading to discover those 5 villages in the French Camino.

Puente la Reina (Navarra)

Puente la Reina is a beautiful Navarran town that developed around its Romanesque, 11th century bridge. It is an important stopping point along the Camino de Santiago as it is where the French and the Aragonese Caminos come together. Its Romanesque bridge is essential for pilgrims.

Estella (Navarra)

Estella is located on the slopes of Montejurra. It was the Carlist Capital with the eight-pointed star that guided the pilgrims and the miraculous virgin on Santiago Way. The monuments and the numerous historical events occurred there make it an epic place to visit.

Iglesia de San Pedro de la Rúa, cisterciense, en Estella
Iglesia cisterciense de San Pedro de la Rúa

Santo Domingo de la Calzada (La Rioja)

Santo Domingo de la Calzada is one of the main points of the Santiago Way. In fact, the city was founded by the saint whose name gives the intention to help the pilgrims on the pilgrimage route. At this resting point on Santiago Way you should focus on the cathedral and wander through its numerous temples.

Astorga (León)

Astorga is known as the “Very Noble, Leal, Meritorious, Magnificent, Augusta and bimillenary” town. It raise its historic walled area at the confluence of major communication routes, a situation that became a prominent Roman city and Jacobean stage of the road; maintaining a monumental important attraction. Following the pilgrimage route as a city tour, you could start by visiting Astorga in the neighborhood of San Andrés, east, around the Church of San Andrés.

ruta catedrales castilla leon astorga

O Cebreiro (Lugo)

This small parish of the municipality of Pedrafita, in the region of Los Ancares, is a crucial Camino de Santiago pilgrimage place for its history, its relics and its magnificent scenery. Anyone visiting the town of O Cebreiro has the feeling that time has stopped its walls and cobblestone streets.

Qué ver en O Cebreiro

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