The Mediterranean balcony, the best views of the Benidorm skyline

Benidorm, the city of skyscrapers. So it is known this popular destination in the province of Alicante. With its privileged climate and surrounding paradisiacal beaches, it is one of the most visited cities of all Spain and the classical example of sun and beach tourism. Among its treasures, we find the Mediterranean balcony, also known as the Castle or Benidorm’s balcony. From here, visitors can enjoy views of the city skyline, experience the Mediterranean in all its splendour, and disconnect from the world during a few minutes. Seagulls will join you to live this magical moment waiting for you in the balcony.

The privileged viewpoint of Benidorm

benidorm balcony

The panoramic views from the Mediterranean balcony are just amazing. | Shutterstock

Away from the bustle and crowds of Benidorm, the Mediterranean balcony is located next to the Plaza de la Señoría, the Parish Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana and the so-called Plaza del Castillo that is next to the arch of the Plaza de Castelar in Benidorm. A fantastic place of interest next to it is without a doubt the passage or Calle de los Gatos.

Its name does not lie, because we are literally talking about a peninsula in the shape of a pentagon with a railing, whose own attraction is its peculiar shape, its gray tiles and a great 5-light street lamp. This charming viewpoint borrows one of the most impressive and imposing views that the Mediterranean Sea offers in the coast of Levante.

Benidorm’s coast will conquer anyone who stares at it, with its beaches and tall buildings, leaving the Puig Campana and the Sierra de Bèrnia in the background. In short, the place and views are priceless. No wonder why is visited by hundreds of tourists a day.

Pirates, a love story and legends of a mysterious island


Benidorm. | Shutterstock

On the large rock that separates the two paradisiacal beaches stood the fortress that served as a defense against the incursions of Algerian and Barbary pirates in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. The castle was then abandoned, leaving today only some remains of the walls, which lie on the rocks of the viewpoint, which has become now a must visit in Benidorm.

The Island of Benidorm can be seen from this viewpoint as well. Of approximately 65,000m2, it can be accessed by boat leaving the port and has a great environmental value and a restaurant to enjoy the fine gastronomy of this city. This island even has its own legend, a very romantic story that tell the adventures of a knight and a princess.

It’s amazing to stare at the crystal clear waters of the nearby cove from the viewpoint, a place that is very popular during the day, but at night, without so many people and illuminated, offers another spectacular view of the big city.

mediterranean balcony

Its surroundings are charming and worthy of a peaceful walk. | Shutterstock

The nearby beaches of Poniente and Levante, in addition to the Cala Mal Pas, the marina or the promenade and its palm trees can be fully enjoyed from the balcony. It divides the two main sandy beaches of the city.

Facing the Mediterranean, fearless, this balcony is one of the most photogenic corners of the Costa Blanca and the province of Alicante. Next to the balcony, artists, singers and painters show their art and make the experience even better. It is said that you have not been in Benidorm until you set foot on this place.

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