Where to sleep in Javier

At bedtime in Javier, the accommodation offer is made up of a few services that can be complemented with the existing infrastructure in the localities of its direct surroundings. The Xabier Hotel is one of the best rated establishments in the town; It has 45 fully equipped rooms decorated in classic style and quality services such as restaurant, private parking and lounges for celebrations and private meetings. The hotel El Mesón is a family establishment with a long professional tour that offers its clients a total of eight rooms perfectly conditioned and within walking distance of the main heritage attractions of the town. Other amenities include a restaurant and free parking.

What to eat in Javier

The local town of San Francisco Javier has a gastronomy based on the culinary tradition of the pre-Pyrenean Navarrese areas. Vegetables from nearby orchards, such as the Asparagus with I.G.P. Navarra, are used in the preparation of pistos or mines, while with legumes such as beans pochas are cooked potajes and stews accompanied by meat of rabbit or quail, very common at lunchtime in Javier. The migas de pastor or ajoarriero are another of the usual dishes of these areas bordering Aragon, a community where these specialties are also very present. Veal and lamb, meats of great appreciation in Navarra, form the basis of a meat offering always complemented by sausages and more products derived from pork. As for pastries, the donuts are traditional in Javier that are distributed during bonfires lit on Christmas Eve after the mass of the rooster. Everything that has to be eaten in Javier can be accompanied by some of the wine products of the land, among which stand out the Vino D.O. Navarra, the D.O. Payment of Arínzano, the D.O. Payment of Otazu and Wine D.O. Irache meadow.

Where to eat in Javier

Although there are not many places to eat in Javier, local establishments give a solid and attractive offer. The restaurant El Mesón is a very popular place thanks to its cuisine, which prepares traditional dishes from these lands with ingredients of native origin. It has high capacity halls, so it is easy to find a free table in them or celebrate there wedding banquets, communions and other similar events, occasions for which the restaurant offers special menus. In his bar, also, an ample letter of skewers is offered. The hotel Xabier also has a very recommendable restaurant to eat in Javier. Their cuisine is homemade, of strong local essence and made with fresh products. It has a menu of the day and a menu, as well as special offers for large groups and special celebrations, both family and business, thanks to the large capacity of its lounges.

Finally, we leave you with a list of accommodations of where to sleep in Javier. Come visit Spain!!! Vente a España!!!

FROM 50 €

  • In Yesa (6 km)
  • Arangoiti
  • Irati
  • Yamaguchi II
  • Monasterio de Leyre

FROM 50 €

  • None in the area
  • Xabier


  • Hostal Arangoti (6 kms en Yesa)

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