The Community of Madrid presents its new app, Visit Madrid, in FITUR

Visit Madrid is a tool created by the Community of Madrid to explore all the possibilities of the autonomous community, and it has been first presented in FITUR, the International Tourism Trade Fair that has been held in Madrid. Thanks to Visit Madrid, which is already available on Android devices and soon will be available for iPhone too, the Community of Madrid will become the first autonomous community to have its own metaverse in Spain. 

Visit Madrid and its endless possibilities

Las Ventas is one of the places we can explore through Visit Madrid

Las Ventas is one of the places we can explore through Visit Madrid. | Shutterstock

Visit Madrid is an intuitive and innovative app with a wide variety of content. Its main goal is to improve the experience of anyone visiting the Community of Madrid. It encompasses different categories, including the downloadable maps that will become a must for many. There are also routes suggested by the Community of Madrid where the circuit is clearly indicated and linked to the navigation system, perfect for those interested in this type of tourism.  

Besides the metaverse, which we will discuss further on, the main novelties of Visit Madrid are perhaps its events calendar and fun approach towards learning the history of the Community of Madrid. Regarding the former, more than fifty city councils have reached an agreement with Visit Madrid to include their private events on the app. This way, the users accessing the calendar will be aware of all the events happening in the autonomous community. 

On another note, Madrid’s approach on interactive history lessons will include virtual reality experiences through Visit Madrid. Moreover, with the mobile app, we will be able to learn the history of many places throughout the autonomous community as told by historical figures associated with those places. This way, the very King Felipe II of Spain will personally tell us about the monastery of El Escorial, one of his greatest accomplishments. 

The first metaverse in an autonomous community

El Escorial

We can fly over El Escorial thanks to the metaverse of Visit Madrid. | Shutterstock

As we said earlier, the main reason why Visit Madrid is such an innovative app is the fact that it has its own metaverse. For those who might not be familiar with the concept yet, a metaverse is a virtual environment one can access through VR glasses. This immersive experience makes the users feel as if they really were there. 

The metaverse of the Community of Madrid allows us to admire the region from above. Aranjuez, El Escorial and the valley of Lozoya are some of the sceneries we can visit through this exciting virtual flight, and one can listen to the history of those places while doing so. All in all, it is a different way of getting to know the Community of Madrid.

Visit Madrid does not, by any means, intend to replace the real experience of a traveller, nor the role of the guides that lead us through the streets and the natural landscapes of the Community of Madrid.  It is simply a tool to complement all that. Visit Madrid has its eyes on the future of the metaverse while offering the traditional tourist experience, although updated to a present perspective.

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