Tour of the Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition, one of the bloodiest periods in Europe, dragged on for four centuries with the intention of making orthodox Catholicism the only religion in the country. Discover the impact this event had on the city of Madrid in a chilling a disturbing tour of the Inquisition and get to know the legend of this mysterious organization.

The many tales of the horrific torture and the fierce repression of the Inquisition have fueled imaginations of the Holy Offices both within and without the borders of Spain. Discover the true story and its darkest secrets in this tour of the Inquisition through major areas of Madrid, where the bloody tribunal took place.

tour de la Inquisición
Antigua ilustración de la Plaza de Santo Domingo

In the course of two hours, a guide will show you the impact that the Holy office had on the capital and you will learn the secrets and curiosities that you surely do not already know. You will follow the footsteps of the condemned by the Court of the Holy Inquisition, making certain streets take on different feeling for you during the journey.

The Plaza de Isabel II (metro stop Ópera) is the starting point of this chilling tour of the Inquisition, and the first stop is Plaza de Santo Domingo, where the dungeons of the Holy Offices were. The journey continues through the Plaza de la Santa Cruz Verde, where the heretics were executed under the attentive gaze of the entire population. To find out what exactly were the Autos de Fe, acts through which the condemned renounced their faith and showed their repentance, we will continue to the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, the place where they were habitually celebrated.

tour de la Inquisición
Cuadro "Auto de Fe" (Francisco Ricci, 1680)

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Aprovecha esta oportunidad y aclara todas tus dudas sobre este oscuro periodo de la historia. Atrévete y descubre el Madrid más oscuro.

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