Paranormal Tour of Madrid

Madrid is a city that will never fail to amaze. Its streets have been silent witnesses to all kinds of activities, and, unfortunately, many of them involved suffering. That is why certain places around the city have paranormal legends attached to them, that are very important points of attraction, if you’re a believer. Today, we want to offer a small tour of paranormal Madrid that includes five places laden with paranormal energies. Do you dare join us on this journey?

The Decapitated Ghost of San Ginés

We begin our paranormal journey through Madrid very close to the Puerta del Sol, in the Iglesia de San Ginés, a temple that comes with a mysterious legend. This legend dates back to 1353, when in the dead of night, robbers came to rob the church, and in order to leave no witnesses, strangles an old monk who was praying. It is said that this monk frequently appeared the following days until he finally caught up with his executors. But the story does not end there, for some beggars who slept in the vicinity of the church were attacked. But they were saved by mysterious blows to the temples of their attackers. The next morning, they went to the pastor to thank him for his brave act, but he told the beggars that the church was empty at night. Could this have been the good deed of a spirit?

Madrid Paranormal
Iglesia de San Ginés

The Palace of the Marquis of Cañete

Very close to the last destination, at Calle Mayo, 69, rises this historic building that dates back to the end of the 16th century and houses a mysterious legend. It seems that 1654, the Marquis was stabbed to death after a meeting with a local clergyman, who was sentenced to death. It was then that people started noticing paranormal phenomena (lit candles extinguishing themselves suddenly, creaking furniture…). It is said that the Marquis of Cañete wanders through its rooms forever in search of his true assassin. The mystery was finally solved at the deathbeds of one of his servants, who confessed to assassinating the Marquis because he was trying to seduce his wife. But it is said that the Marquis still wanders his halls since his murderer was never brought to justice.

Madrid Paranormal
Palacio del Marqués de Cañete

The Devil and the French Architects

We continue our tour of Paranormal Madrid in the heart of the city to recount the curious history of the Real Casa de Correos, a symbol of Madrid ever New Year’s Eve. It is said that during the Age of Enlightenment, the king Carlos III ordered the construction of this building from the French architect Jacques Marquet and that the devil himself appeared to the bricklayers and warned them that the building was cursed and belonged to Hell. Legend has it that the demon accused the workers of lacking faith and antipatriotism for collaborating with the French and not with other Spanish architects, like Ventura Rodríguez. When Marquet heard of this, he contracted Father López to stand guard over the workers, and as they say, no one saw the apparition again.

Madrid Paranormal
Real Casa de Correos

The Plaza Mayor and its Dark Past

Another landmark of the capital, the famous Plaza Mayor, was the final stop for those condemned by the Inquisition of Madrid. On their way to certain death, they took their last steps in a square full of spectators taking pleasure in the sufferings of the supposed heretics. It was a place of wild spectacles that even the royal family attended until the 18th century. There are even artistic references, like the one shown below.

Madrid Paranormal
Plaza Mayor

The Phantoms of the Reina Sofía

We end our tour of Paranormal Madrid in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, a space for contemporary art in Spain. This historic building used to be a hospital, where thousands of people died. Several bystanders have claimed that the cries of the sick and suffering can still be heard, doors open and close by themselves, and that they feel the presence of someone there when they are alone; in fact, they have even named the ghosts: Ataulfo and Livinio. On the other hand, the modern enlargement of Jean Nouvel is located over an ancient cemetery, and it is said that a priest who was buried there during the Civil War wanders the premises.

Madrid Paranormal
Museo Reina Sofía

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