Mercado de Motores, the most inspiring market in Madrid

The market known as Mercado de Motores has been described as “the most inspiring place in Madrid these days”, and not without reason. For a decade now, this corner of Madrid has been assembling more than 200 artists and artisans for one weekend a month. Here, the visitor will find crafts, fashion, gastronomy and entertainment of all kinds from 11 am to 9 pm

The history of Mercado de Motores and its facilities

Different stalls in a market along train carriagestrai

Mercado de Motores in Madrid. | Shutterstock

The Pacífico Power Plant was the main power plant of Madrid Metro from 1923 to 1972. It is currently a museum, but it was the first place to host this market in 2012. Indeed, Mercado de Motores was called after its Spanish name: Nave de Motores. Mercado de Motores was so successful that, only a year after, in 2013, they relocated it to a new place: Madrid’s Railway Museum. 

The Railway Museum was a train station which connected Madrid with Lisbon in the late 19th century. It did not go well as a passenger train, so they started using the rail line for freight only. When other, more important train stations appeared, this one in Delicias was forced to close in 1969. 

Years later, it was declared a National Historic Monument and eventually it became the museum we can visit today. It keeps almost 5000 pieces concerning the history of the Spanish railway, as well as a series of old steam locomotives that used to cross the country. They have been perfectly preserved, and one can even enter them—just another interesting thing to do while visiting the market. 

All you can see in the market

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Mercado de Motores in Madrid. | Shutterstock

Every second weekend of the month, more than 200 designers, artists, artisans and musicians gather to make an exhibition of their talents. There are three separate areas. First of all, we have the art, crafts, fashion, ornaments and jewelry stalls inside the building, among many other items we can find there. Out in the open air, there are excellent food trucks and places to enjoy their products and the gigs that are held there throughout the day. The exterior will also amaze us with its stalls of vintage and second-hand fashion, where we might find wonderful items we did not even know we needed. 

Mercado de Motores also hosts a series of contests. For instance, there is a photography competition and a painting contest for kids. In addition, this market is the perfect place for a birthday party. We should not forget to visit the Railway Museum either. 

It is important to seize the moment when we are at the market, since the stalls change every month, and we might not be able to find something we wanted if we wait till the next Mercado de Motores. In fact, the market is constantly changing, and this is perhaps the reason why many regard it as one of the most inspiring places in Madrid. At the end of the day, Mercado de Motores will always find new ways to surprise us.

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