Redondela, the villa of the viaducts

Redondela is one of the stages in the Portuguese route to Santiago de Compostela. It is known as the villa of the viaducts because its sky is headed by two big railway viaducts of the 19th century: the Viaduct of Madrid and the Pontevedra Viaduct, both of which are considered to be of Cultural Interest since 1978.

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Redondela has a great number of heritage features, however, one morning will be enough to visit this town. This town is so close to Vigo (just 20 minutes by car) so we recommend you to plan your visit to Redondela as an excursion, so you can spend the rest of the time visiting Vigo. You can also visit San Simón island (11 minutes by car away). If you want information to visit Vigo, in our specialized page you will find all you need. However, if you are planning to sleep in Redondela, in this page we give you suggestions to find the perfect place.

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As we told before, what characterizes Redondela are its railway viaducts that dominate the sky. Both of them were built in the 19th century: but the viaduct of Madrid is older than the viaduct of Pontevedra. The viaduct of Madrid combines wrought iron with traditional stonework.

Redondela’s sky is presided over by two great railway viaducts built in the 19th century: the Viaduct of Madrid and the Pontevedra Viaduct. For decades it is been told in Redondela that one of the subcontractors of this work, Pedro Floriani, threw himself from the viaduct when he was told he would not get paid for the work because it was not well done and that the viaducts could not enter into service. However, in 1876 the viaduct of Madrid inaugurated and trains could circulate. The viaduct of Pontevedra was inaugurated a few years later, in 1884.

In addition to those viaducts, in Redondela there are a lot of heritage civil and religious features. Among them, the pazos and the parochial churches stand out; also the granaries or the cruceiros.

The municipality of Redondela is composed by 13 parishes (Redondela is one of them) and there is at least one church in each parish. Among all of them, it is important to highlight the parish church of Santiago de Redondela, in Redondela and the baroque church of Cedeira, in Cedeira.


Qué ver en Redondela
Pazo de Vilavella
Qué ver en Redondela
Parroquia de Santiago

Practical data


42° 17′ 00″ N 8° 36′ 00″ W


Vigo 14 km, Ourense 93 km, Santiago de Compostela 83 km


17 m


7 376 (2015)

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