Route of Garganta de los Infiernos, where the water sounds in every corner

The Garganta de los Infiernos Nature Reserve is home to the circular route with the same name. Extremadura and Cáceres are home to a great natural wealth that dazzles in every corner of the circular route of the Garganta de los Infiernos. Dizzying gorges that will remain engraved in the memory of the traveler. The echo of the water, starring dreams. The aroma of the forest to return to. A place that leaves no one indifferent.

From the Interpretation Center is born the circular route of the Garganta de los Infiernos, ready to offer a gift for every sense. The walk begins through a simple track and in which one breathes peace. Although it is an ascending path, its route is easy and suitable for children. At the first fork, towards Puente Nuevo, we find trees that seem to guard the path. After the climb caused by the unevenness of the terrain, patiently awaits the truce. The Jarandilla fountain gives freshness to whoever comes across it. A perfect balm to get strength and continue with the route.

garganta de los infiernos

The natural spaces found on this route are very rich. | Shutterstock

A natural gift that caresses the soul of the visitor

The landscape that awaits to be discovered from this stretch is like a dream. Chestnut and oak trees caress the soul of the hiker who walks through this forest, creating a magical atmosphere. Suddenly, a clearing on which the rays of the Extremadura sun rest. A moment of rest. Peace. A silence that can be touched fills the atmosphere, interrupted only by the chirping of the birds that have as home the tops of these trees. You can almost hear them singing at the same time.

A whisper brings the visitor out of this trance. Gradually, the murmur turns into a roar and the sight of a waterfall appears in the distance winding through the cliff. An almost must stop on the route of the Garganta de los Infiernos: The viewpoint of the Chorrero de la Virgen. From here, the hiker can look out over the abyss and contemplate how this waterfall furrows the horizon. The views of the Jerte Valley are unique.

Chorrero de la Virgen

Incredible views of the waterfall from the Chorrero de la Virgen viewpoint. | Shutterstock

After the plain comes, once again, the refuge of the young oak trees. Following the direction to the Interpretation Center, the view comes across a small oasis, guarded by a bridge. These pools are inviting under the summer sun. But the promise of Los Pilones attracts even more. The desire to dive into these natural pools increases as you walk along the path. But first, we’ll have to wind through cliffs and jump over pools. The thought alone evokes the spirit of adventure.

Los Pilones, the crown jewel

As if by magic, the oasis reveals itself at the bottom of the cliff behind the Los Pilones sign. A rock formation that almost seems soft to the touch. The descent to this treasure of nature never seems to end. Until it does. And the dream of the pools becomes reality. The vision of Los Pilones forming an infinity goes beyond all expectations. And the sensation of the water on the skin, too. While the bather rests on the light gray of the rocks drawn by the water, one can enjoy a surrounding illusion: the Jerte Valley. Now it is time to go back, following the signs of the Interpretation Center, the point where we started.

Los Pilones

In summer, these pools serve as natural swimming pools for visitors. | Shutterstock

Other hidden treasures in the Jerte Valley

Cabezuela del Valle is an exclusive environment of Extremadura is the ideal place to enjoy the rural charm of Extremadura before starting the adventure. The architecture, the old town, full of balconies and wooden arcades, and the walk along the Jerte River leave visitors wanting more.

Cabezuela del Valle

The village of Cabezuela del Valle, where you can breathe a very rural essence. | Shutterstock

Another jewel in the crown of the Jerte Valley is undoubtedly the Caozo waterfall. This is one of the most famous waterfalls in this natural enclave and in all of Extremadura. Almost 30 meters of water that will splash all the senses of the visitor from a privileged walkway.

Within the circular route of the Garganta de los Infiernos there is another easier trail suitable for children: the route of Los Pilones. A linear route of 3 km that will allow hikers to contemplate the pools of Los Pilones. And, for the more daring, the occasional swim. This place is synonymous with a unique environment that has it all: nature, adventure and… lots of water!

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