Fascinating Lleida: its most beautiful villages

Lleida is not only one of the most important cities in Catalonia, it is also one of the most charming provinces in Spain. Set among natural landscapes and reserves that make it unique, Lleida attracts thousands of tourists every year who want to escape from the big cities and disconnect in secluded and rural towns.

The charm of Lleida lies in the many of small villages of tile and stone that are lost in the middle of nature. All this, mixed with an incredible cultural heritage and architecture of past centuries that will make you feel in a set period. Here is a review of the 11 most beautiful villages in Lleida and everything you need to know to visit them.

Taüll, hidden in the Catalan Pyrenees

Taüll lleida

Taüll. | Shutterstock

It has become one of the most charming villages in the whole region of Lleida and no wonder why. Taüll not only stands out for being in the Catalan Pyrenees, specifically in the Bohí valley, but also has a great architectural heritage. Its Romanesque has made it a must stop for lovers of art and culture. Among its picturesque stone houses drawn in nature, stands out the church of Sant Clement, built in the 12th century and declared World Heritage Site.

Gerri de la Sal

Gerri de la Sal lleida

Gerri de la Sal. | Shutterstock

This Catalan village stands out not only for its beauty, but also for its curious origin. Gerri de la Sal owes its name to being an ancient medieval village and a salt exploitation. Today there is no trace of its origin, except for its interesting distribution, which leaves the old town surrounded by the rest of the village with the church and the central square. Some of its main attractions are the monastery of Santa Maria and the Casa de la Sal.

Guimerà, the medieval richness of Lleida


Guimerà. | Shutterstock

Leaving the mountains and stepping into the region of Urgell we find a village that has been declared of Cultural Interest due to its rich medieval past. Guimerà is a village that perfectly preserves its essence and conquer tourists with its maze of stone streets that form a labyrinth, so characteristic of medieval villages. Buildings such as the Gothic church of Santa Maria or the chapel of Sant Esteve stand out.

Ribelles, in the heights of Lleida


Ribelles. | Shutterstock

In the municipality of Vilanova de l’Aguda, in the region of La Noguera, is one of the smallest places in this list of the most beautiful villages of Lleida. However, it is one of the most spectacular. Ribelles is located on top of a hill 500 meters above sea level and, although it has no more than 30 houses in its town center, its medieval past and aesthetics make it look like something out of a fairy tale. Seeing its castle dominating the top and its stepped cemetery is a delight for the eyes.



Prullans. | Shutterstock

If travelers look the perfect town for hiking, Prullans is without a doubt one of the places to visit. This village is located in the surroundings of the Natural Park of Cadí-Moixeró and has many hiking routes to do around the area. The village is made up of several farmhouses that surround the town center that has adapted over the years to the uneven ground. In addition to the beautiful paths, one cannot miss the Romanesque church of Sant Esteve.

Arties, among the nature of Lleida


Arties. | Shutterstock

Arties is one of those mountain villages that conquer both up close and from a distance, when you begin to watch between the trees its slate roofs and geometric shapes break with the landscape creating a beautiful postcard. From the inside it does not disappoint either thanks to its narrow streets and its gothic church of Sant Joan, from the 14th century. Located in the Vall d’Aran, this village is a must if you enjoy the magic of the Catalan Pyrenees.


Canejan lleida

Canejan. | Shutterstock

This village is not as famous as others but has an incredible beauty. Its stone houses have managed to adapt throughout its history all along the slope of the Torán valley. And the river, with the same name as the valley, borders it beautifully. The Romanesque style dominates the village. The church of San Sernilh and the church of Sant Joan de Torán are a must.

Vielha, the Swiss Lleida

Vielha lleida

Vielha. | Shutterstock

Vielha is a town that always takes all the attention when talking about those must-see places, not only in Lleida but in the whole Catalonia. It is not for less. Its postcard seems to be taken from Switzerland itself. Located on the banks of the Garonne River, in the heart of the Vall d’Aran, this village not only allows you to practice any kind of winter sport, but also has a rich cultural heritage with Romanesque and Gothic buildings such as the Parish Church of Sant Miquèu, from the 12th century.


Salardú lleida

Salardú. | Shutterstock

Salardú is a typical mountain village in Lleida as it is located in the National Park of Aigüestortes i Stany de Sant Maurici. It is perfect to visit during the winter months, when the snow shines above the roofs and the buildings camouflage with the incredible mountains. Besides, inside there are some charming stone and slate houses and the Romanesque church of Sant Andreu.



Cervera. | Shutterstock

Located in the Comarca de la Segarra, Cervera is a very characteristic village of Lleida and full of history, as it has remains of all the architectural styles that predominate in Spain. We can find the old university, neoclassical, the town hall, baroque, and the Church of Santa Maria, Gothic style. Undoubtedly a good choice if you like art history.

Vallbona de Les Monges, a secret made of stone in Lleida

Vallbona de Les Monges

Vallbona de Les Monges. | Shutterstock

Vallbona de Les Monges is a beautiful village of stone houses located in the region of Urgell. But, beyond its lovely narrow streets, this Catalan village stands out for having a spectacular female circus monastery, dedicated to Santa Maria and built in the 12th century. This impressive construction is a must-see, as well as enjoying its charming surroundings.

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