Toledo under the moonlight

Wandering around Toledo, any day, under the sometimes very warm rays of the sun, is a historical, cultural and beautiful experience. The city of the three cultures knows how to please the visitor with streets of priceless beauty that have not lost their ancient look, buildings that also keep their past untouched and dreamy panoramic views when crossing the Tagus River. Toledo must be traveled, without maps, slowly, but they say that you do not really know the city until one does not dawn in it. Before sunrise, however, the sun falls. It is then that the experience we suggest here begins: Toledo under the moonlight.

Toledo at nightfall

Toledo Cathedral at night

Toledo Cathedral at night. | Shutterstock

Because of its characteristics, Toledo offers endless possibilities during the day that do not disappear when night falls, they only change. Then there is an opportunity to discover it under the light of the street lamps, with the buildings shining in a different way and the most hidden side of the city reveals itself.

That is what the night guided tours are designed for. These offer three possibilities to the visitor: a magic tour, a sinister tour and an underground tour through the city. The aim they have is to discover that mysterious Toledo, the one that stars myths, legends and ancient traditions that somehow are still present in the streets of Toledo. Witches, haunted houses, the meemory of the Templars and the mysteries that have made the inhabitants of Toledo hold their breath are told here in an entertaining and natural way, while touring a city where everything seems possible. Because of its medieval appearance and the aura that surrounds it, even the most incredulous will be seduced by the unsolved enigmas.

Ancient thermal baths of Toledo

Ancient thermal baths of Toledo. | Photo courtesy of Rutas de Toledo

It is also great to discover the caves, galleries and basements hidden under the streets of Toledo, which show that the most incredible stories have taken place in this city. This route means to dive into the heart of Toledo’s history.

Another fantastic place to discover when the moon shows up in the sky is on the other side of the river: the hermitage of the Virgen del Valle, where pilgrims make its journey every May 1st. The road is cut and thousands of people spend the night there. It can be visited at any time, but the ideal time is at night.

A beautiful panoramic view at night

Toledo moonlight

The impressive panoramic view of Toledo at night. | Shutterstock

From the city of Toledo itself you can enjoy viewpoints that allow you to watch imposing buildings such as the Alcazar or the cathedral shining with the perfect intensity to highlight but keep the mystery that characterizes them. Of course, the best image of the city is obtained from a distance.

To do this you have to cross the bridges that lead to the other side of the Tagus. From the Alcántara Bridge, the first picture already conquers, since Toledo is above the visitor’s sight, and the Alcazar can be easily seen. It is already impressive from here, as it stars practically in every postcard taken from the wall.

But the most beautiful image, the most wanted and acclaimed, is taken leaving the city behind and following the road. You have to climb up to the viewpoint of the Valley, where, there, Toledo attracts all eyes. The play of light and darkness offers a unique view of the city, with its centuries-old buildings and the river define the place. Both the Alcazar and the cathedral tower stand out, whose 93 meters high have been crowning the sky since the 15th century. A postcard for lovers of night scenery.

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