Chorreras de Enguídanos, one of the cleanest rivers is in Cuenca

The province of Cuenca is home to authentic wonders, not only for its spectacular architecture and monuments, but also for its natural jewels. Only 80 kilometers from Cuenca is the village of Enguídanos. Its natural enclave makes nature-related activities and adventure sports the main attraction. There, the Chorreras de Enguídanos, formed by the Cabriel River, one of the cleanest rivers in Europe, are the best known place. Natural pools, turquoise waters, impressive waterfalls and a river beach are the clamor of a place that invites you to take a dip in each of its corners.

Enguídanos, ‘place of abundant water’

Chorreras de Enguídanos

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The Chorreras del río Cabriel, popularly known as the Chorreras de Enguídanos, are a natural spectacle in the province of Cuenca, where turquoise water is the main protagonist. This area was declared in 2019 as a Biosphere Reserve of the Cabriel River Valley. Likewise, the streams are just a few kilometers from the town Enguídanos, whose meaning is ‘place of abundance of water’. Thus, the municipality is bathed by five rivers: the Cabriel River and four of its tributaries, the Guadazaón, the Narboneta, the San Martín and the Mira. All of them belonging to the Júcar river.

The Cabriel River, with the passage of time, has created peculiar forms of the most capricious. Waterfalls, gorges, rapids, crystal clear pools and river beaches have sprouted everywhere in a space that, especially in summer, invites you to take a dip. Cabriel is also one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. Hence the color of its turquoise waters. In fact, when the river is calm it is even possible to see some of the animals at the bottom, even otters!

A place of high geological interest

Another of the strengths of Enguídanos is its high geological interest, to the point that it has been listed in the Inventory of Places of Geological Interest of the Natural Heritage of Spain. In addition, it is possible to contemplate a great gorge with several caverns on its sides. A real pleasure for the senses. The curious shapes of the rocks of the place are called limestone tuffs, a soft stone, formed because the environment is rich in calcium.

Las Chorreras de Enguídanos

Las Chorreras de Enguídanos | Shutterstock

Although the spot is known for its natural magic, here it is also possible to visit the second oldest hydroelectric power plant in Spain, that of Lucas de Urquijo. With more than 100 years of history and known as the Salto de Víllora, it was of great importance. It is now abandoned, but it is possible to enjoy its construction, including a small church and the dwellings of the people who lived around it.

The Chorreras de Enguídanos offer, therefore, an ideal plan in summer to enjoy a good dip, while in winter they offer a perfect route to know the place in its maximum splendor. Thus, any season is ideal to discover this landmark, which hosts a unique flora and fauna.

Hiking route: from the village of Enguídanos to the Chorreras del Cabriel

Chorreras de Enguídanos

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Although there is a bus that makes a round trip, there is also a very popular hiking route to reach the Chorreras de Enguídanos. In addition, it is important to note that access by car to the site is restricted. Only resident vehicles or rural tourism companies are allowed. This route consists of a circular route of about 15 kilometers, suitable for all audiences thanks to its low difficulty. The duration of the same one is of four hours approximately, with stops included.

It begins in the village of Enguídanos, ideal for discovering the landscape from the highest point and descending the course of the Cabriel River. The path is well signposted, with signs indicating the PR-CU 53 trail. At the beginning, it is somewhat monotonous, but in a couple of kilometers the scenery becomes impressive. Waterfalls, turquoise water pools, a small river beach and geological forms of the most curious.

There is also a shorter route of only five kilometers that is made going up the course of the river. To get to the beginning, you have to drive to the old facilities of the Lucas de Urquilla hydroelectric power plant. Barely 200 meters later, you will find the first pool of the route.

What to see in Enguídanos: beyond Las Chorreras of the Cabriel river

Village of Enguídanos

Village of Enguídanos, Cuenca | Shutterstock

The strategic place of Las Chorreras is much more than just this place. Being located in the low mountain range of Cuenca, it offers a wide variety of natural and cultural activities to enjoy a rural getaway. To begin with, the village of Enguídanos is the perfect starting point. To walk through its narrow streets, contemplate the curious houses of popular architecture, monuments of great importance and trails that lead to viewpoints with amazing views.

It emphasizes in the set of the town its castle of the XI century with Muslim origins. Also the Mirador del Santo, where the sculpture of the Sacred Heart and the viewpoint of the Virgin are located. The nerve center of the place is known for its squares, with balconies and wooden doors typical of the architecture of the area. Meanwhile, the town hall and the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción are some of the most popular monuments in the old town. Walking through its quiet streets is a must. Calle Larga and Calle Espada stand out, with manor houses that still bear the coats of arms of the families.

In the Cabriel Valley is also the village of Víllora, considered one of the most beautiful villages in the province. The historic center of the same offers a beautiful architecture, typical in the area. It is also worth mentioning the viewpoint located over the gorges of the San Martín river, from which you can enjoy the best panoramic views of the valley. In addition, there is also room for adventure! Active tourism is one of the main attractions of the area. It is possible to practice rafting, canoeing or hiking routes through the Enchanted City of Cuenca. In the Chorreras de Enguídanos there is absolutely everything you need for a lovely holiday.

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