5 amazing castles in Albacete

We continue with the route around the Spanish Castles to let you discover the wonders of the past. This time we visit Albacete to present you 5 of the 13 fortresses that are spread in this province of Castile-La Mancha, a trip to former centuries you cannot skip.

Alcalá de Júcar Castle

This fortress built by the Amohads during the XII and XIII centuries is located in a crag created by the River Júcar gorge. This is a good example of Islamic architecture, in which its pentagonal tower, its two circular towers and the reminders of its wall stand out from the whole complex. If you visit this wonderful place, do not forget to stare at the amazing views from the top of its tower.

castillos de albacete
Castillo de Alcalá de Júcar

Carcelén Castle

Very closed to the previous fortress is this castle used today as a local library; a great space to enjoy the magic aspects of literature. This building dates back to the XIV century and preserves perfectly its tribute towers with its original hall and battlements, letting us see today its military spirit from the past.

castillos de albacete
Castilllo de Carcelén (Fuente: wikipedia.org)

Almansa Castle

In Almansa we find one of the best preserved castles of the province of Albacete. This is an Almohad construction in which we can see today the most ancient characteristics perfectly maintained. We can also see that defensive aspect in the lack of windows and the finished of its battlements. We need to stand out the spiral staircase made of rock that leads you to the terrace of the tower; this is considered one of the wonders the Gothic style in Albacete. From this place at the top of the castle you will be able to see the panoramic view of the city from the “Cerro del Ágila”.

castillos de albacete
Castillo de Almansa

Chinchilla de Montearagón Castle

Very close to the Capital of Albacete, in Chinchilla de Montearagón, we can already see from faraway the XV century fortress that still preserves perfectly its moat made of rock with dimensions of 10 width meters and 6 meters depth. The castle is still fortified by masonry walls that stand thanks to the cylindrical towers on the corners and the old Muslim ramparts. If you come to this impressive building you should know that here was jailed by the first time the son of the famous Alejandro Borgia Pope.

castillos de albacete
Castillo de Chinchilla de Montearagón

Yeste Castle

We finish this route with this “Andalusi” fortress that started to build in the XI century and that has suffered several transformations, one of them in the Tribute Tower of the XIV century that still stands watching the city. The current reconstruction gave space in the “patio de armas” (weapons’ patio) to the Interpretation Medieval Centre “Vivir la Frontera”, offering a great historic tour. There is also an ethnologic museum in the ancient cells thanks to the donations of the citizens. This castle is the perfect place to understand and learn about the history of Spain.

castillos de albacete
Castilllo de Yeste

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