Sanabria Lake, a day at the largest lake of glacial origin on the peninsula

Sanabria Lake is not alone. It is part of the natural park that has received the same name, which brings together in addition to this large area other small lakes that are well worth a visit. To be captivated by its beauty or to thing about its origin. Of course, at this beautiful time of the year it is not so much to reflect as to refresh oneself. Sanabria Lake is one of the best candidates.

In the absence of sea in the interior of Spain, you can take advantage of these spaces that to all intents and purposes serve as such. And they feel like an oasis in the middle of the desert. On this occasion, you have to travel to Zamora, a province in which one, by the way, can spend a very pleasant season.

The keys of the Sanabria Lake

Sanabria Lake

Sanabria Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Spain. | Shutterstock

This Sanabria Lake, with its kilometer and a half wide and three kilometers long, is the largest lake of glacial origin of the Peninsula. It is also one of the largest in Europe. Its birth must be placed 100,000 years ago in time. It is dizzying to think that more than a hundred thousand years ago, in the Upper Pleistocene, an impressive glacier with ice tongues of more than 20 kilometers long would evolve to give way to this lake in which thousands of people will bathe this summer.

In this sense, Sanabria Lake has numerous beaches where it is possible to feel in that full summer that seems to form the combination of sun and water. The largest of them all is the Viquiella beach, with fine sand. Also noteworthy is the Custa Llago beach, also of fine sand, perhaps the most popular of all. As well as Los Arenales de Vigo, which offers a mixture of sand and stone. All of them stand out in the midst of a living nature: many trees, shadows in which to take refuge and grass in which to rest otherwise.

Sanabria Lake

There are many activities that can be practiced in Sanabria Lake. | Shutterstock

For those who prefer the traditional walk along the shore, the scenery is spectacular. The natural park has many other small lakes surrounding this large body of water. By itself it is enough to capture the attention of any visitor. Who said you can’t enjoy a day at the beach inland?

For the past decade, the lake has also had a catamaran that runs on the power of the sun and is equipped with the necessary equipment to travel the waters of the lake in learning mode. It is also designed to facilitate underwater research. The Sanabria Lake is, by the way, more than fifty meters deep. That bottom can be seen during the tour in the so-called Helios Cousteau.

Spots near the Sanabria Lake

Puebla de Sanabria

Puebla de Sanabria, one of the most beautiful villages of the community. | Shutterstock

Located in such a beautiful natural environment, it is easy to find other points of interest that may interest the traveler. For example, the Cascadas de Sotillo, a clean fall of crystalline water that is completed with lagoons that are also worth a visit. For those seeking strong emotions, you can bet on the route known as the route of the Tera Canyon and the cave of San Martin, of high difficulty but great reward. The route is well worth the effort. On the other hand, those who prefer a quieter visit can always go to the ruins of the old Bouzas Spa, dating from the late 19th century. Its medicinal waters still flow.

Of course, a visit to the area must include Puebla de Sanabria. This village is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain. On a high hill, the towers of the castle and the church stand out, which speak of its important past and also of the conservation effort that has been made. Place of passage of the Via de la Plata, there is evidence of this settlement since the V century.

Unique features and great beauty

Sanabria Lake

The beaches of Sanabria Lake breathe summer. | Shutterstock

Sanabria Lake offers what you came for: a refreshing bath. Its waters are calm, safe and provide what the visitor needs in summer. It meets expectations and also does so in an environment that is worth visiting. The Natural Park of Sanabria Lake has unique characteristics and spectacular beauty, typical of the province of Zamora. It will please everyone who visits it.

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