Belaustegi waterfall, a magical place in Euskadi

The Belaustegi waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Basque Country, located in Orozko, in the heart of the Gorbeia Natural Park. A small natural paradise that has enchanted thousands of visitors who visit it every year. Getting to know this 30-meter high waterfall and the magical environment that surrounds it, such as the Belaustegi beech forest and the Algorta fields, is one of the best things to do in Euskadi. The place is especially interesting in autumn. The fall of the leaves, the fog and the increase of the flow of water create a spectacular scene. Ideal to enjoy nature, and any time is good to visit. No one should miss the Belaustegi waterfall, one of the mojst unique waterfalls in Spain.

Belaustegi waterfall, in the heart of Gorbeia Natural Park

Gorbeia Natural Park

Gorbeia Natural Park. | Shutterstock

The natural environment and the surroundings of the Belaustegi waterfall are a real gem, located a few kilometers from Bilbao, in the Gorbeia Natural Park. A reference point for Basque. It is common to enjoy a full weekend touring the area due to its many tourist attractions.

In particular, the Belaustegi waterfall and beech forest, the sought-after 19th century Gorbeia Cross in homage to Jesus Christ the Redeemer, the Itxina Protected Biotope and the Gujuli waterfall stand out. A short distance from Sarria, is a place full of beech, oak, pine forests and spectacular rock formations. It stands out for its farmhouses and forges, very typical of the rural architecture of the area.

Also, it home to endangered species in the Basque Country, such as the otter, the dipper and the deer. It has two visitor centers to learn more about the area, its flora and fauna. The Parketxe de Sarria and the Parketxe de Areatza. It is advisable to visit at least one of them to learn about the context of the area. An environment known for its legends related to lamias and witches, popular in Basque mythology.

The Belaustegi waterfall is one of the essential places to visit when in the area, ideal to enjoy with the family thanks to its low-difficulty access. An adventure in nature that both children and adults will enjoy to the fullest.

Route to the Belaustegi waterfall

Belaustegi waterfall

Route to the Belaustegi waterfall, Euskadi. | Shutterstock

The route that leads to the Belaustegi waterfall has little difficulty and includes a three-kilometer route from the Belaustegi parking lot, a 30-minute round trip. It is the easiest route, ideal for families, even with small children, if you are not used to hiking in the mountains.

When arriving in Orozko, it is necessary to drive along the Orozko-Areatza road up to the neighborhood of Ibarra, where it is necessary to turn right towards the neighborhood of Usabel. When you get there, just take the detour to the left to finish the journey by car in the parking lot. It is time to enjoy walking in the nature of the place. In front of the parking lot is the beginning of a concrete track, just at the beginning there is a path through a pine forest. This old path is the way to follow until you reach a stream, is not very well signposted, but be guided by the river water and the footsteps of the hikers is enough.

Belaustegi waterfall

Belaustegi waterfall, Euskadi. | Shutterstock

The route to the river is one of the natural jewels that we find in the area. It is the Belaustegi beech forest, one of the most important beech forests in Spain. Along the stream it only takes a few minutes following its course to reach the great waterfall. The route is a real adventure, as it is not signposted it is normal for visitors to get lost sometimes, but it is only important to reach the river to find the waterfall. Contemplating the pine forest area and nature in its purest state is one of the great attractions of the place.

The best thing about this route to the waterfall and the beech forest is that it is an excellent option at any time of the year, although there are special times such as autumn and spring. For example, in the autumn months the fog is present along the trail, creating a romantic landscape. On the other hand, in the spring and summer months the colors are more vivid.

Route of the Majadas of Austigarmin

Route of the Majadas de Austigarmin

Route of the Majadas de Austigarmin. | Shutterstock

The natural environment next to the waterfall has as many tourist attractions and routes. The short trail through the Belaustegi beech forest leaves visitors wanting to explore the area even more. Fortunately, there is still a lot to see. Returning to the parking lot, another hiking route leaves in the direction of the Majadas de Austigarmin, a 2-hour round trip of low difficulty. The ascent is easy and is well signed, so you can’t get lost.

During the route, the flora and fauna are of great importance. Going through the green meadows of the area it is common to find pottokas, a very typical Basque pony in the fauna of Euskadi, grazing in freedom. The rocky backdrop of the Itzina mountain and the beech forests along the road accompany us to the end of the route.

Once in the Majadas de Austigarmin it is time to enjoy this large open area with green meadows and peculiar rock formations. Also, it houses several huts next to the rocks, a place where the shepherds of Gorbeia sheltered to take care of their livestock. It is a perfect area to enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature and a magical environment. It is important to pick up the trash to maintain this paradise of Euskadi. For that, in the parking is possible to dispose of this in the garbage cans.

Getting lost in these natural treasures is a pleasure for nature lovers. It is considered one of the most beautiful environments in Euskadi and one of the main points of interest when visiting the Gorbeia Natural Park.

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