Pregonda cove, the different, the one locals recommend

If you visit a place for the first time, you have to listen to the locals. At least, as far as possible. So when you land in Menorca and you plan a tour around this beautiful island, you should pay attention not only to the spots that, for one reason or another, have copied the travel guides. You have to listen, ask and pay attention to the locals because, in the end, they are the ones who really know the land. And a good part of them point out a very special place of Menorca. That is why the Pregonda cove is one of our favourite choices to cool off this summer.

The keys of the Pregonda cove

Cala Pregonda

The waters of the Pregonda cove are of a unique tone. | Shutterstock

Pregonda cove is one of the most recommended coves by all the inhabitants of Menorca. Those who have visited it while discovering the island are also clear that it is one of the best, if not the best. Its unique landscape, so different from those of the south of the island, and its crystalline waters make up an unforgettable visit that is worth it. Because reaching this beach is not easy.

To do so, you have to follow a path that starts at Binimel-là beach and takes about 25 minutes. Half an hour that, in fact, will probably take longer. Not because of the difficulty of the terrain: because of its beauty. The spectacular views make what could be a problem end up being a blessing. This area is a beauty that can be enjoyed feeling the sun’s rays lying on the sand, but also walking through it.

cala Pregonda

The colors of the Pregonda cove. | Shutterstock

The islets that surround it protect it from the north winds, but when the north wind wants to overcome any barrier, thus causing its waters to churn and preventing a quiet bath. With good weather, in any case, the sea welcomes visitors with open arms. With translucent waters full of fish that approach without fear. The practice of snorkeling is not only possible: it should almost be mandatory, especially for those who are just starting out. It belongs to the protected area of the Marine Reserve of the north of Menorca.

And the environment that surrounds this seabed is, as already mentioned, unique in the whole island. The dark tone of its sand and cliff walls is unique. Its geological richness, as indicated by experts, is very valuable. The clays dominate the place and for that reason mud baths have become fashionable, but it is a practice that should be avoided. It erodes the base of the cliffs, which can put both visitors and the conservation of the area at risk.

Places close to Cala Pregonda

cala pregonda

The surroundings are also fantastic. | Shutterstock

It is one of the most beautiful coves in the north of Menorca, so different activities have been planned around it. For example, the cove can be approached from the sea, with a boat trip that allows it to be observed from another perspective.

Pregonda cove is part of the sixth stage of the so-called Camí de Cavalls, a historical path that runs along the coast of the island. It was established in the 14th century and has 185 kilometers that allow you to travel a great part of Menorca on foot, getting to know and therefore understanding its past. This sixth stage, which joins the beach of Binimel-là with Els Alocs in about 9 kilometers, is considered the hardest, but also one of the most spectacular.

Being as it is in the north of the island, far from what is considered the most touristic area, a visit to the surroundings of the Pregonda cove means visiting the less touristically exploited Menorca. It is ideal for those who bet on this type of trip.

Unique colors and Menorcan calm

Cala pregonda

The sun also plays with the colors of the place. | Shutterstock

For the colors of its waters, its sand and the cliffs that surround all this, which acquire even more new and different tones at sunset. Also for the environment, because nature will make the traveler feel absolutely comfortable among its authenticity. Because you feel like a swim and also enjoy the sun, with the appropriate caution, and walk along this Camí de Cavalls as historic as Menorca itself.

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