The power of the Marriage Fountain in Covadonga

The so-called Marriage Fountain is a perfect example of the magic that lives in the Royal Site of Covadonga. This corner of the beautiful Asturias was the germ of, precisely, the beautiful Asturias. Thousands of people come every year to the impressive basilica, to the intimate sanctuary, to the nature that hides in this mountain. To pray to the Virgin of Covadonga or simply to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the area. If you continue the ascent, you will reach the lakes of Covadonga, another tremendously impressive and, at the same time, intimate corner.

This corner of the council of Cangas de Onis has enjoyable details for all tastes, also for those who want to get carried away by the magic until the end. And it is that, under the cave where La Santina de Covadonga is located, the Marriage Fountain awaits. It is a fountain that is fed by a flow that emerges from the rocky wall of the cave. The water falls into a basin through a replica of La Cruz de la Victoria, and the peculiarity of this basin is that it is formed by seven spouts. For this reason, of course, it is known as the Fountain of the Seven Spouts.

Fountain of the Marriage

Fountain of the Seven Spouts, popularly known as the Fountain of the Marriage. | Shutterstock

Of course, it is said to be magical. Legend has it that whoever drinks from each of the seven spouts will be married in less than a year. ‘The Virgin of Covadonga has a very clear source, the girl who drinks from it, within a year gets married‘. says the tradition. There is, however, a very important rule to follow: you must drink from the seven spouts without breathing between gulps.

And be careful if you do not want that future. The tradition also says: “when you get to Covadonga do not drink water, brunette, if, as you said yesterday, you prefer to live single”. Be careful, too, because reaching that fountain can be a complex task. Although perfectly signposted and marked, the path is slippery. It is worth it, though. Whether you want to get married or not.

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