10 getaways near Seville: perfect destinations in under two hours

Seville displays a beautiful picture of bright colours and Andalusian scents. The historical and cultural heritage of Andalusia’s capital city captivates the travellers upon first sight. In fact, the spirit of Seville lures the visitor on a fascinating journey of Andalusian charm through its spectacular streetlife, monuments, and its tapas and Flamenco bars. Seville, with all its majesty, passion and craft, is an ideally located starting point for exploring the surrounding region.

Whether it be visiting local villages or marvelling at beautiful natural parks, Seville’s surroundings offers a wide range of possibilities suitable to all tastes, like breathtaking natural landscapes, walks and ancient ruins. The following is a guide to the ten best getaway destinations fewer than two hours from the Andalusian capital.

The best getaways near Seville

Carmona, monumental city

Carmona, a great getaway near Seville, viewed from the fortress

Carmona viewed from the fortress. | Shutterstock

A place of interest for tourists, Carmona is a town that takes one’s breath away. Its history dates back to the Neolithic era and played a prominent role during the Roman period, as well as during the Moorish era, when it was the temporary capital of a Taifa kingdom. As a result, this cultural epicentre has bestowed such monuments as the Parador de Carmona — built within the twelfth-century Moorish fortress — and the ancient Córdoba and Seville gateways, entrances along the old stone wall protecting the town.

Plaza de San Fernando, the church of San Bartolomé and Plaza del Mercado de Abastos are some other intriguing monuments worth visiting in Carmona. And if having some tapas is on the itinerary, then Plaza del Palenque is the perfect spot to enjoy some typical Andalusian cuisine.

Écija, the town of towers

A square in Écija, one of the best getaways near Seville

Plaza de España in Écija. | Shutterstock

Eleven bell towers rise above Écija, one of Andalusia’s most important artistic towns. Its colourful buildings and picturesque old quarter streets are a testament to the arts. Some of its treasures include the Benamejí palace and a second-century sculpture housed therein — both a Cultural Heritage Site and national monument — the church of Santiago, Plaza de Abastos and the Casa del Gremio de la Seda (“Silk Guild”).

Matalascañas beach, Andalusian ease

Matalascañas beach

Matalascañas beach, one of the best getaways near Seville. | Shutterstock

For those in and around Seville, the beach at Matalascañas has become ever more popular. It beautifully rests on Huelva’s coastline, in the immediate vicinity of Doñana National Park, a ninety-minute drive from Seville. Its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters are just ideal for relaxing outdoors. What’s more: the promenade surrounding  the beach offers a wide variety of services.

A safari for the whole family

Zebras at Castillo de las Guardas Animal Park

Zebras at Castillo de las Guardas Animal Park. | Shutterstock

One of the most thrilling family destinations near Seville is the Castillo de las Guardas Animal Park, where more than a hundred different animal species can be found, including giraffes, lions and hippopotamuses. One of Europe’s largest animal parks, it offers dining services, rest areas and a swimming pool. A perfect adventure for the entire family.

A tour of Andalusia’s whitewashed villages

Setenil de las Bodegas

Setenil de las Bodegas. | Shutterstock

Wherever one gazes when touring the whitewashed villages of Andalusia, the quintessential Iberian journey is present. And for good reason. Set in the Cádiz mountains and within two hours of Seville, these municipal pearls lie in the midst of hills and green fields. Its picturesque whitewashed homes, cobbled roads crisscrossing the mountainside and bubbling streams make this a traveller’s paradise. Marvellous places such as Setenil de las Bodegas, Arcos de la Frontera and Zahara de la Sierra to name but a few.

The monastery of Saint Isidore, Baroque elegance

Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo in Santiago

Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo in Santiago. | Shutterstock

First established by the nobleman Guzmán el Bueno in 1301, this spectacular monument blends Renaissance, Baroque and neo-Gothic styles. A great number of frescoes and altarpieces by painters of the period such as Martínez Montañés can be found inside. Although from afar it may appear as a fortress, it was actually built to serve as a pantheon.

Roman city of Itálica, imperial legacy

Amphitheatre at Itálica

Amphitheatre at Itálica. | Shutterstock

One fantastic destination in the Seville area, especially for history lovers, is a visit to the Roman city of Itálica. Located at Santiponce, only ten minutes from Seville, it is a veritable trip through the ages. Itálica was one of the first Roman towns founded on the Iberian peninsula and subsequently, the birthplace of the emperor Trajan. The monumental amphitheatre, the old luxurious Roman neighbourhoods, the Plantetarium House and the House of Neptune are all outstanding marvels.

Caminito del Rey trail, a walking tour near Seville

The trail of Caminito del Rey in the Gaitanes gorge, one of the best getaways near Seville

Caminito del Rey in the Gaitanes gorge. | Shutterstock

Another nearby and timeless destination worth exploring is the Caminito del Rey trail, just thirty minutes from the Andalusian capital. This famous trail runs through the Gaitanes gorge, among high stone walls and stunning natural landscapes. The walking route stretches over suspension bridges crossing different points of the canyon walls, which once served as a connection between two hydroelectric power plants. An adrenaline lover’s dream come true.

Doñana National Park, a majestic green lung

Doñana National Park

Doñana National Park. | Shutterstock

Few things are as enjoyable as a pleasant stroll through the Doñana National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a natural wonder of wetlands, lagoons, beaches, forests, hills and sand dunes, not to mention home to a multitude of migrating birds. An ideal oasis of tranquillity to end this tour of the ten best excursions from Seville.

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