From a rocky fortress to the donkey-taxi slopes.

The rough urban distribution of Mijas allowed the last Moors from Málaga to resist for some time in this area. The day laborers from the 20th century would turn this inconvenience into slopes attracting many tourists thanks to the donkey-taxis. Ven a España !!! Visit Spain !!!

Plan your stay in Mijas

Since it’s a small place, Mijas makes for a perfect day trip! Its slopes are connected to a very particular means of transportation: the donkey-taxis, which allow you to experience how people used to move around this villa. Afterwards, we recommend the old Virgen de la Peña Chapel, the Inmaculada Concepción Church, the bull ring, and the Historic-ethnological museum of Mijas. There many surrounding areas that are also worth visiting. For example, you could go westwards to Marbella, and eastwards to Málaga. Later on, you can read more on the excellent cuisine from Mijas, as well as a careful selection of hotels and restaurants.

Do you want to visit this place?

Mijas village was declared a Historic-artistic site because of its beautiful white houses, crown around narrow streets belonging to the Moorish urban planning and endless slopes that test the traveler’s physical fitness. If you do not want to be tested, you should call one of the famous donkey-taxis, which have become the symbol of the town. They are so important that they have their own parking lots where you can hire them – a donkey ride normally lasts around 15 minutes.

In our opinion, the most recommended main sight is the Virgen de la Peña Chapel, excavated in 1548 by mercedarian friars on the rock of the promontory in El Compás. The image of the patron saint of the town was installed here: its originality and the valley’s view are worth the visit.

It is very interesting to see the Carromato de Max, a space similar to the famous old cabinets of curiosities or “House of Wonders”, where sellers try to surprise you with tiny artisan products, whose text and figures sizes can only be appreciated if using magnifying lenses (an activity worth to do if traveling with children).

San Sebastián Church

The Constitution Plaza is decorated with a beautiful marble fountain from the 19th century. The gorgeous San Sebastián Church can be found in a street with the same name: it is a building in a Baroque style from 1674, which has undergone several sackings in the past. The Historic-ethnological Musem of Mijas is situated very close to this area, standing out by its courtyard and the reconstruction of the hiding place of the famous “Mijas’ spy” (Manuel Cortés Quero, a republican activist persecuted during the Francoist era, who lived a clandestine life in this place from 1937 to 1969).

The bull ring in Mijas is another must in our trip. The quite small, peculiarly square-shaped building is located in Muro Street. Up the hill you can find the Inmaculada Concepción Church, built upon the remaining of an old mosque, whose minaret was turned into a bell tower and provided a military aspect in 1510 in order to secure its defense against pirates. From its inside, we highlight its frescos representing apostles and its colorful plasterwork.

If you go through the coastal area, you will find some lookout towers built in order to alert the sighting of corsairs and offer the first defense against the pirates’ disembark on the town’s beaches. In the small bay of Mijas you can visit the Interpretation Center of the Lookout Towers. Here, we will explain how these towers used to work, who general Torrijos was and the events related to his disembark and execution by shooting, as well as some information on traditional fishing. The terrace of the fortress grant you an amazing view of the sea and its surroundings, being able to see the other lookout towers where the other guards where and how they used to communicate if any danger arose.

There is also a hippodrome in the coastal area, together with a good hospitality, restaurant and leisure offer (such as the twelve golf camps and an aquatic park).


Dónde dormir en Mijas
Virgen de la Peña
Mijas burrotaxi
Donkey Taxi

Datos prácticos


36°35′44″N – 4°38′14″O


Málaga 31 Km; Sevilla 235 Km; Madrid 560 Km

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