Nasrid prison and the capital of the Tropical Coast

The capital of the Tropical Coast is surrounded by beautiful and unique landscapes that show Roman and Nasrid remains. The castle of this town holds one of the safest prisons of ancient time periods. It is a dream destination because of the good weather.

Plan your stay in Almuñécar

Things to do in Almuñécar normally involve the coast and sightseeing. This town has 19 kilometers of coast that will delight you, together with its old quarter and the rich archeological heritage, making a dream stay out of this gorgeous town. Among the heritage of the town, we would like to highlight the Seven Palaces Cave, the San Miguel Castle, and the Najarra Palace. It should not take you more than one day to go through these main sights, so you could extend your getaway to visit some surrounding areas such as the Alhama of Granada or the Alhama, Tejeda and Aljimara Mountain Range where you can practice active tourism or the municipalities of Salobreña and Motril.

Do you want to visit this place?

Almuñécar’s excellent weather, between a tropical and a Mediterranean climate, turns this destination into one of the best Andalusian holiday destinations, mainly thanks to the 19 kilometers of coast and 26 beaches located in this town.

We recommend beginning your visit to Almuñécar in the Seven Palaces Cave, a Roman construction formed by several domes around the San Miguel hill: it is the Archeological Museum of the town nowadays. Inside, there is a wide variety of objects that show the rich heritage of this town: do not miss the Pharaoh Apepi I’s vase  from the 16th century BC.

Going up via the narrow and steep streets we will reach the San Miguel Castle: the symbol of the town. Although it is a Muslim construction, it is possible that there was a Roman fortress previously there. During the Nasrid period, this bastion played an important role: a place of rest and recreation for the sultans of the Taifa kingdom of Granada and the dungeon for important prisoners.

San Miguel Castle

The Castle is surrounded by four circular towers built by order of King Carlos I. The remains of the palace-house built in the Nasrid period and the famous prison there, carved 7 meters deep, stand out. The structure was remodeled after the bombing of the British troops against the French army, who were there during the Independence War. Linked to this area, the Saint Rock is a fascinating area where to have amazing views of the coast and the village.

The Najarra Palace is located in the Europa Avenue; it is a building built with a neo-Muslim style by José Rubio Osorio in the 19th century upon an old Arab house. In front of the main façade, there is a beautiful garden decorated in an Andalusian manner. The tourist office is located on the ground floor.

Facing the palace, the Majuelo Park, a big botanical garden, is located. The remains of the Salting Fish  the “Majuelo” Factory are situated on the western side of San Miguel hill, built in a Phoenician period in the 5th century BC -although it was mainly used during the Roman period.

The Encarnación Church (14th century) is located in the New PLaza, built upon an old main mosque, which has a counter-reformist or pre-Baroque style. It has the image of the Virgin of the Antigua, patron saint of this locality, standing out inside.

The Culture House is located on Concepción street: it houses the Claves of Almuñécar Museum, which deals with the history and culture of the place. From the Roman acqueduct (1st century) there are just a few remains.

The Aquarium is situated 500 meters away from San Cristóbal beach. All the species from the Mediterranean are represented there: virtually 3000 examples of 270 different species. Loro Sexi is a park of tropical birds located on San Miguel’s hillside, holding inside around 1500 examples of 200 different species -it also includes a cactus garden.

Next to the Herradura, we have the Carlos III or Herradura Castle, a fortress built in 1764 to stand in the way of North African attacks.


Dónde dormir en Almuñécar
Palacete de la Najarra
Almuñecar beach

Practical data


36° 44′ 2″ N , 3° 41′ 28″ W


Granada 84 km, Madrid 498 km


24 m


27 703 (2011)

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