The beaches of Salobreña or how to experience the coast of Granada

Salobreña is the perfect place to spend a weekend, a few days or a longer time; it’s a good option for both summer and winter. However, thinking about those hot days when nothing is more appealing than lying on the seashore, Salobreña as a destination takes on a double meaning. This small town of Granada can boast of having, around its cobbled streets and white houses, several of the best beaches in the province. Even the best of the whole community. Quiet beaches, beaches ready to welcome the traveler, beaches of all kinds that can be chosen depending on what you want at the time of choice.

The keys of the beaches of Salobreña


A day at the beach in Salobreña is always a good choice. | Shutterstock

All the beaches that rest next to Salobreña have their charm and their particularities. Perhaps the best known is the beach of La Guardia, a space surrounded by countryside that occupies almost a kilometer and has exceptional views of the rock on which the village is located. Of gray sand and gravel, it has been awarded the Blue Flag since 2021. It is very interesting to discover its artificial reefs, full of marine life.

The Charca beach is also very popular, with a length of almost two kilometers and equipped with all the services that many consider essential to enjoy a day by the sea. That is: beach bars that serve as restaurants, toilets, hammocks and stores. It shares with the Guardia beach the possibility of observing marine life in its artificial reefs.

Next to these, Punta del Río beach is a quiet natural beach that is also an ideal place to observe birds in complete freedom. Bathing, relaxing and enjoying the sun are the favorite pastimes of those who have already visited it. In this area, it is also worth discovering the waves on this side of the sea.


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Salobreña also has numerous coves of interest. The natural coves of El Caletón or El Pargo, which can be accessed on foot, offer crystal clear waters and the possibility of recreating with activities such as diving. In the first one, in addition, it is frequent to see dolphins near the fish farm, during the beautiful sunsets in the area. In the second, on the other hand, you can enjoy a unique environment between cliffs. The same happens with the Cambrón cove, perfect for resting after a swim.

Spots near the beaches of Salobreña


Salobreña is one of the most beautiful villages of Granada. | Shutterstock

There is no possible doubt: the nearby place to visit is Salobreña itself. This town of about 12,000 inhabitants presents a very beautiful image that is worth discovering apart from its beach areas. A village of white houses that rests on an impressive rock, perfectly visible from a distance, and that has more than six thousand years of history.

This striking rock is crowned by an Arab castle dating from the thirteenth century. It can be reached through some beautiful steep streets that also say a lot about the Arab past of the place. In the Historical Museum you can learn more about this rich history that characterizes, like its beaches, Salobreña. Do not leave without stopping at the Mirador Square, because it functions as such: as a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the sea.

Six thousand years of history and beaches to get lost in


The views in Salobreña are incredible. | Shutterstock

Because when choosing a place in which to soak during these hot weekends, you may like to set the destination in a place that also offers something more. Salobreña is, in this sense, ideal. To those six thousand years of history already mentioned is added the beauty and charm of a town that has established itself as one of the most beautiful on the coast of Granada. For those who are only looking for beaches, a completely legitimate desire, then Salobreña is also the destination: it has many, very varied, very beautiful and very refreshing.

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