Monachil, a dream village between the coast of Granada and Sierra Nevada

Monachil, located in the Vega of Granada, stands out for its privileged geographical location and its great scenic value. Few places are like this charming village, since it allows you to go to the mountains, the beach and a cultural tour in the same getaway.

After 40 minutes drive from Sierra Nevada you can spend the morning skiing and 50 minutes eating ‘pescaito frito‘ on the beach of Motril, Salobreña or Almuñécar. Only 8 kilometers from Granada, it is ideal for walking through the Albaicín neighborhood and enjoying the sunset at one of its viewpoints overlooking the Alhambra. Are you ready to see all there is to see in Monachil?

Plan your getaway to Monachil

Monachil village

Monachil village, Sierra Nevada. | Shutterstock

There is much to see in Monachil, a village that deserves a visit to enjoy the peace. It stands out for its beautiful cultural enclave, full of monuments with great architectural and heritage value.

It is small and it is possible to do tourism in Monachil in nothing more than a full day. However, it is close to many places to spend the rest of the getaway, such as Sierra Nevada, the beach, visiting Granada or a route through the most beautiful villages of the Alpujarra.

In addition, as it is a municipality that belongs to Sierra Nevada, there are endless possibilities for all kinds of active tourism activities. From horseback riding, hiking, skiing or even climbing, it is a perfect place to enjoy rural tourism. Monachil is one of the best places to enjoy the snowy landscapes thanks to its snowy roofs and low clouds in winter.

And if there is a must thing to do in Monachil, it is the popular neighborhood of Monachil, the nerve center of the place that stands out for its numerous restaurants with traditional dishes of all kinds, a real experience for the palate.

History of Monachil

Old town of Monachil

Old town of Monachil. | Shutterstock

Throughout the history of Monachil passed various civilizations, cultures and religions. They took advantage of its geographical location, since it was perfectly connected to different points of great importance in the area.

Thanks to the Cerro de la Encina archaeological site, it is known that it had a great relevance as a trade and communication route. Traditionally, it has been an agricultural and livestock municipality.

It is known that, during the Nasrid kingdom, Monachil had up to three mosques, all of them destroyed today. After the fall of the kingdom, the couple Don Alonso Venegas and his wife Doña Brianda, is considered one of the first settlers of Monachil. Their stately style house can still be visited.

What to see in Monachil

Monachil mountains

Monachil mountains, Granada. | Shutterstock

Monachil has an important urban center, since it is very well preserved and houses an extensive artistic and historical heritage. It is a place designed to stroll with tranquility and delight with its fountains, palaces and houses of traditional Granada style.

The church of the Incarnation stands out, being the most valuable architectural work of the town, built in Mudejar style in 1501 on the old mosque. On the outside, you can see its two façades with coats of arms of Archbishop Argaiz and its imposing tower. Inside, it is worth visiting the main altarpiece, one of the most important of the Renaissance in Granada, and the paintings on display.

Special mention should be made of the Augustinian Recollect convent, which originated in XX and was initially a fabric factory. It stands out for its facade, for the church of historicist style that houses and its many sculptures of Granada style.

It is worth visiting the Casa del Molino, also known as the Casa de los Señores de Aragón or Casa de las señoricas, the only stately mansion that remains today. It has a great historical-artistic interest, being the most interesting thing the old courtyard surrounded by a corridor covered with wooden alfarjes and an upper floor closed with glass.

You can go shopping at some of the local producers, here you will find some of the most historic stores in Granada. Such as Cerámicas Blas, where you can watch the artisans working and painting their pieces, or Taracea Isidro, the oldest in Granada.

One of the main attractions of Monachil is the Archaeological Site of Cerro de la Encina, an unknown jewel that shows the origins of the village in 1300 BC, being the westernmost Argaric colony of Andalusia. It shows the importance of the enclave of Monachil, was an important route of trade and communication, with several defensive structures.

Many remains of the site are displayed in the Archaeological Museum, it has been shown that it is one of the most relevant sites of that time in the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, you can visit the site with a guided and dramatized tour. A unique experience.

Gorge of Los Cahorros

Gorge of Los Cahorros, Monachil. | Shutterstock

It is also home to one of the most spectacular hiking trails in Granada: Los Cahorros. This gorge carved by the Monachil riverbed is a photogenic and charming place. 10 kilometers of hanging bridges, the famous Cueva de las Palomas and majestic landscapes.

Monachil is the perfect weekend getaway, one of the best things to do in Granada, thanks to being located in a privileged spot near the mountains, beach and the capital.

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