The best lookouts in Granada to see the Alhambra

Granada is one of the most visited cities in Spain, and thus it deserves to be observed from all angles, just like its flagship complex: the Alhambra. A remnant of the Muslim past of the region, this palace reflects the deep charm and mysteries of Al-Andalus. These are some of the best lookouts in Granada to see the Alhambra.

The lookout of San Cristóbal, a view from El Albaicín

Houses and old buildings with mountains in the background

A view from the lookout of San Cristóbal. | Shutterstock

The lookout of San Cristóbal encompasses a gorgeous Muslim walled construction from the 11th century in the heights of the neighbourhood of El Albaicín. Its excellent location makes it one of the best lookouts to see the Alhambra.

However, this is not the only interesting point to watch from the panoramic view of San Cristóbal. We can also see other historical buildings such as the palace of Dar al Horra, the church of San Cristóbal or the old Zirid wall, apart from the cave of Retama, nest of Granada’s flamenco.

The lookout of Alixares, a quiet place

Trees at sunset

The lookout of Alixares. | Shutterstock

Not many people know about this hidden spot which offers a beautiful view of the jewel of Granada from a most peaceful perspective. Crossing the street of Sabika and walking through a path surrounded by trees, we will find that this lookout is only a short stroll away. From this viewpoint we can see the tower of La Vela and the Citadel of the Alhambra, apart from the natural landscape with the mountain range of Sierra Nevada in the background.

The lookout of San Miguel Alto, the highest in Granada

Trees on a cliff and old buildings on top

A view from the lookout of San Miguel Alto. | Shutterstock

Standing on the highest point of Granada, more specifically on the hill of San Miguel, the lookout of San Miguel Alto makes up one of the best viewpoints in the city. Even though the way to the lookout can be significantly slopy, the effort is absolutely worth it.

The reward for conquering this height consists of a spectacular view of the Alhambra. The green groves on the skirts of the walls, the hills, the towersNo detail could possibly escape our gaze in this lookout.

The lookouts of La Vereda de Enmedio, a walk through the Darro

Tiles on front, a cliff qith buildings on the background

A lookout in La Vereda de Enmedio. | Shutterstock

Particular cars are not allowed in this area (except for residents, of course), hence we can only access it by foot, walking through the slope of Los Chinos in the neighbourhood of Sacromonte.

The lookouts are scattered around the valley of the Darro river, and they provide the most perfect view of the Alhambra and the Generalife. This area hosts several benches throughout the itinerary for the travellers to rest on.

The lookout of Carmen de los Mártires

A Nasrid courtyard with a pond and some plants

A Nasrid couryard in the lookout of Carmen de los Mártires. | Shutterstock

This lookout is certainly one of the largest ones. Indeed, it spreads for more than seven hectares, and it has its own mansion, romantic Parisian and English gardens, and Nasrid orchards. The lookout of Carmen de los Mártires is also full of lakes, fountains and bridges: a place worth visiting on its own. Besides that, it provides extraordinary views of the city.

The lookout of the Generalife

A courtyard with a pond, a fountain and beautiful plants surrounded by columns and arcades

The gardens of the Generalife. | Shutterstock

We will find this new lookout in the very palace of the Generalife, more specifically in the courtyard known as Patio de la Acequia. The tower of Nasrid origin has three windows on the main wall and two more on the flanks that offer a great view of the Alhambra.

Of course, the palace of the Generalife is incredibly beautiful per se. The gypsum boards we can see there display the tastes of all the different monarchs who stayed in the Generalife. Nevertheless, the motto of the Nasrid royalty who inhabited this palace is still carved for all to see: “There is no winner, only God”.

The lookout of San Nicolás, the most famous one in Granada

Trees and old buildings on a cliff

The Alhambra seen from the lookout of San Nicolás. | Shutterstock

One of the best lookouts to see the Alhambra, a must on this list, is the lookout of San Nicolás, probably the most popular of them all. This spot offers a wide view of the complex of the Alhambra as a whole.

It is located in one of the most famous areas of El Albaicín, and therefore, in one of the most crowded ones. We will always suggest to visit it, and the fact that it is always full of street artists and music makes it the perfect place for those who would enjoy a festive atmosphere.

The lookout of Morente, the favourite of the locals

A panoramic view of trees and buildings

The lookout of Morente. | Shutterstock

This spot is one of those places that rest peacefully far from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, we can enjoy an excellent view of historical monuments from there. Of course, the Alhambra is one of them, but there are also other remarkable buildings to spot, such as the abbey of Sacromonte or the Cartuja. This corner reflects the everyday life of the people in Granada and it is really close to the park of Cármenes de San Miguel.

The lookout of Santa Isabel la Real, perfect for kids

White houses and trees

A view from the lookout of Santa Isabel la Real. | Wikimedia

The views of the lookout of Santa Isabel la Real are quite similar to the ones we get from the lookout of San Nicolás. However, this one has a calmer atmosphere, perfect for strolling or reading while we enjoy its magical setting. Likewise, this place is full of benches and it has a beautiful fountain, apart from leisure activities for kids, which makes it the perfect spot for having a good time with the family.

The lookout of Padre Manjón, a different perspective

A cliff with trees and the tower of a fortress on top

The Alhambra as seen from the lookout of Padre Manjón. | Shutterstock

There is no better way of finishing up this list than visiting the lookout of Padre Manjón. This popular lookout provides quite a different perspective of the complex. Its pebbled walkways along the Darro river allow us to watch the construction from below. This is the perfect way of walking at the skirts of the Alhambra and admiring its majestic silhouette. Some people call it “the walkway of the sad ones”, and it is considered one of the most special corners of Granada.

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