We are forever grateful to the initiative carried out by the Foundation of the Spanish Railways for the greenways they have spread throughout our geography. These routes were old railroad tracks that now do not hold their original function. After the transformation, cyclists and walkers now have dedicated places to stretch out and really enjoy. Today we will highlight five greenways across Spain. Are you coming along.

Greenway of Manacor-Artá (Mallorca)

Vías Verdes
Vía Verde Manacor-Artá (Fuente: theothermallorca.com)

We will start in the Balearic Islands to show you the only greenway that exists outside the peninsula. It is a route of 29.9 kilometers that links Manacor with Artá ​​(very close to the Natural Park of the Peninsula of Llevant) and crosses the entirety of the island. Throughout the route, you can see the contrast between the traditional agricultural fields and the wonderful Mediterranean forests in Mallorca. Although the original route was not destined to end at the beach, it is possible to detour halfway (in Son Servera) to take a dip and appreciate the great coves of this archipelago.

Greenway of Senda del Oso (Asturias)

Vías Verdes
Vía Verde Senda del Oso (Fuente: asturiasparadisfrutar.es)

Asturias has a long history of mining. This route is the fruit of some of the trains destined to transport materials to and from production zones. Senda del Oso (Trail of the Bear) is one of the most popular in Spain with a route of 36 km and impressive landscapes. You will pass through breathtaking tunnels and gorges. Most importantly, you will pass a fenced area where Paca and Tola live (the two brown bears that catch everyone’s eye as they go along).

Greenway of Carrilet (Girona)

Vías Verdes
Vía Verde del Carrilet (Fuente: directorio.contigo.site)

In Girona we find the Greenway of Carrilet broken down into two sections. On the one hand we find the route between Olot and Girona, which is a beginners course with 54 kilometers views of the volcanoes La Garrotxa. However, if you want views of the coast it is best to take the second greenway that skips Girona and finishes in Sant Feliu de Guíxols in 39 kilometers. Both serve as great tours to get to know the Catalan geography.

Vías Verdes de la Sierra (Cádiz)

Vías Verdes
Vía Verde de la Sierra (Fuente: fundacionviaverdedelasierra.es)

This greenway is special because previously it was never a train route. The route was intended to link Jerez de la Frontera with Almargen but it was never completed. The current route joins Puerto Serrano and Olvera, 36 kilometers in total. A well conserved route that has the honor of being the only Andalusian greenway denominated a Route of Tourist Interest.

Greenway of Cidacos (La Rioja)

Vías Verdes
Vía Verde del Cidacos (Fuente: quierovermundoblog.com)

We close with a trip to the Cidacos River that connects the towns of Calahorra and Arnedillo, a route of 34 kilometers in total. The interesting thing about this route is to see how we pass from the area of the Ebro valley to the Sierra Riojana, where the Pebbles of Arnedillo warn us that the road ends. In addition, Arnedillo has free thermal pools of water and wonderful spas that will make all journey well worth it.

These are 5 suggestions to get to know the different areas of Spain by greenways, but we know that more than 2,500 kilometers have been reconverted for adventuring.  Have you had the opportunity to try one? Tell us about your experience.

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