Free tour of the mysteries and legends of Málaga

Do you want to sign up for a tour around Málaga to get to know the legends and mysteries of the enigmatic Costa del Sol? On this tour you will be surprised by the most interesting legends during this free Málaga tour. The group will meet with the guide in the Bishop’s Square to begin a night walk through Málaga that will captivate you..

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Catedral de Málaga

This province of Andalusia hides many secrets that are worth studying in depth…if you dare. The historic centre of Málaga is full of monuments of which we know their history during the day. However, that changes when night falls. One of the first stops will be the Cathedral of Málaga, here a story is reocounted about the people that lived in the eighteenth century, and an incredulous incident related to UFOs.

Rumor has it that on the roof of the cathedral one day, something extraordinary appeared with strange lights. At the time, the people described it similarly to how we would describe a flying saucer or unidentified object today.

Behind the cathedral is Císter Street, in which there were paranormal phenomena that will be recounted on this tour of Málaga. In a nearby office, different objects began to move on their own. A long time ago, an employee had died in strange circumstances and it was believed that this incident provoked the phenomenon. Some thought he was trying to communicate from the afterlife. The shelves and furniture moved, and the cold seized the facilities… how creepy.

tour por Málaga
Teatro Romano y Alcazaba de Málaga

Another of the stops of this tour in Málaga is on Alcazabilla Street. The Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba de Málaga illuminate at night in a show worthy of admiring. Throughout history, these emblematic buildings have been linked to different legends about ghosts.

The Alcazaba is one of the most popular monuments. With more history, it stands out on this tour of Málaga. Built on a fortification of Phoenician origin, it has a ghostly history that will give you goosebumps if you go on the tour. The legend says that the neighbors who lived in the area during the 1930s saw shadows, and heard wails during the night and noises of chains, like it was mysteriously raining stones… The story behind these events will captivate you.

The Palace of the Aduana will be another of the stops on this tour in Málaga. Here you can see an elf-shaped sculpture that fascinates everyone who sees it. The route will end with a delicious tasting of a glass of sweet wine from Málaga.

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