Wild camping spots in Spain

In the mountain, in the beach, in front of a lake or among trees. There is a continuous growth in the number of people who love nature. People dream about getting away from their routine in order enjoy the stunning landscapes we have in Spain. Breathing pure air and disconnecting thanks to the silence of nature is simply amazing. Therefore, if you are thinking about a different holidays and do not spend so much money, you must take in account the following travel destinations where wild camp is allowed in Spain.

Free camping areas in Spain

In recent years there are strict laws around this issue. There are progressively less areas where you can pitch a tent. Likewise, campings are more and more expensive and crowded. In view of this situation, you must investigate those areas availables to camp, together with the licences and requirements you need. Find out next our favorite places where you can camp.

La Isla de Ons (Pontevedra, Galicia)

acampada libre en España

The Ons Island, located in the province of Pontevedra, is part of the National Park Islas Atlánticas. This place is magical. Here campers enjoy paradisiacal beaches, paths to walk and activities such as diving or scuba diving. Although the whole area is a paradise, there are two main places to visit. The first one is the highest point, El Cucorno. There is the lighthouse. From this area you can see the views of the stunning island.

Camping freely is only allowed in summer, more precisely between the 1st June and the 30th September. Moreover, you cannot stay longer than five days nor being more than 200 people. For further information call the Tourism Office in Ons  (+34 986 687 696).

Negratín (Granada, Andalucía)

acampada libre en España

Another perfect place to camp in Spain is the rural environment of the Negratín Reservoir, located in the Altiplano de Granada. This area is perfect to disconnect, relax and enjoy the landscape. The most famous place here is the Mirador del Negratín, as well as a dam next to the one you can camp. This place is ideal to enjoy a few days off with your family. Moreover, a leisure area has been made up with restaurants, barbecues, tables, etc. Do not forget the fishing rod at home since fishing is allowed ther.

Further information available at http://altiplanogranada.org/

El Salado (La Graciosa, Canarias)

acampada libre en España

Sometimes we are obsessed by going to the Caribbean thinking that it is the only place to find paradise. That is not true. El Salado beach, situated in La Graciosa island, cannot envy the Caribbean coasts. The crystal water and gold sand beach offer a peace so difficult to find in other places.

Although it is one of the best places to camp freely in Spain, a licence and book in advance are required. As expected, there are more requirements to meet. For example, do not stay longer than a week, do not use structures that are not tents, being no more than 10 people in each plot and do not surpass the number of 200 campers.

Entzia – Iturrieta (Álava, País Vasco)

acampada libre en España

There is another place to camp freely in the Sierra de Entzia-Iturrieta, in Álava. Going up the mountain pass Opakua from Salvatierra you will find the camping area. The majesty of the trees and the calm are the main characteristic of the area. This place works as a magnet for mountaineers and hikers as it has several paths to do by walk or by bicycle. In order to know the conditions required, you must get in touch with the City Council of Salvatierra.

Xorret del Catí (Castalla, Comunidad Valenciana)

acampada libre en España

If you are looking for an area to camp with some facilities, the Xorret del Catí located in the municipality of Castalla, is your dreamed destination. It is one of the most famous mountains among cycling fans. It is also a perfect place to have fun with children. If you are lucky, you will see some animal species such as rabbits, wild boars, badger, wildcats, etc. This place has public facilities and even a climbing wall for those bold kids and parents. Whoever wants to camp must ask for licences before pitching the tent.

By Carolina Cárcamo Villar

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