Screw Valentine’s Day: getaways to travel solo

Oh, February, the month of love. That time to enjoy the company of the loved one. That period to renew the boredom of the couple’s routine, that month to escape with the special person. Oh, Valentine’s Day, that international day to give flowers and chocolates or, in a less classic line, a satisfyer. But what if you’re not lucky (or unlucky) enough to be with someone? Nothing. Nothing happens, because a getaway, as you know, can also be enjoyed with friends, with the rest of the family, and even solo. And each way of doing it is a different way to enjoy new places. These are some of the places in Spain where you can enjoy being single in any of its forms.

Ibiza’s nights, single or with friends


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It’s typical yes, but Ibiza had to come up because it’s a world capital of nightlife, more like partying. Although the exact moment when it happened is not known, it was with the arrival of the hippies to the island, between the 60s and 70s, when the Ibizan night became popular. Later, in the 90s, electronic music landed to stay. Although it is true that this destination can be enjoyed in different ways, it is one of the places most enjoyed with friends, both for its beaches and its nightclubs, as well as for its sunsets. Ibiza is a perfect place for those who want to party and friends are usually the ideal partners for it.

A walk through the monumental Salamanca

Salamanca valentine

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Possibly the cities are the best places to enjoy alone. They offer many cultural options interesting places to visit. But going with more companions can go hand in hand with missing a monument, making more leisure stops… There are many things to tell and a good chat diminishes the noise of the metropolis. In addition, you have to adapt to the pace and tastes of others, reach a middle ground… So, going alone may be the best way to get to know the cities.

For this, Salamanca is perfect. Small, but full of monuments that cry out for a visit. As a starting point is the Plaza Mayor, very similar to the one in Madrid. From here the road has to go to the gates of the Old Cathedral and New Cathedral, where it is worth spending at least one or two hours. As a good university town, the visitor should not miss a look at the university, as well as a visit to the Casa de las Conchas. For art enthusiasts, the Casa Lis houses the Art Deco and Art Nouveau Museum, the most visited museum in Castile and León. Among more and more buildings, such as the church of San Estebán or the convent of Las Dueñas, a walk across the Roman bridge at dusk is the cherry on top of the route.

A route to disconnect single in Ochagavía


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While it is true that walking alone is perfect to clear your head and enjoy a peaceful time, it is not something that can be done just anywhere. High mountain routes or trails that can become complicated with rain or snow are best avoided if you are not going to do them with anyone. For this reason, the one known as the old road to Irati and Muskilda is a perfect option. It is a path without steep slopes that starts in the pretty village of Ochagavía and ends at the hermitage of Muskilda, with Romanesque features. The return is by a different path that leads back to the starting point. 7.8 kilometers among beech trees that give the walker a pleasant stroll. At the end, a stay in the village of Irati or in Ochagavía with a good book and a fireplace will be the icing on the cake of the trip.

Living the Carnival of Cádiz with friends

Cádiz's carnival valentine

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Another place to enjoy the party is in Cádiz, but not on any date, but precisely in February. It is then when one of the most famous festivals of the peninsula takes place in its streets: the Carnival of Cádiz. Already before the main day, previous events such as La Pestiñada or La Erizada are heating up the atmosphere. Parades, parades and dances take place all over Cadiz, especially in Columela Street, decorated with festive air. In short, a destination to enjoy and share the tradition and spectacle of Cádiz.

Getting lost in the streets of Toledo


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In the same line as Salamanca is Toledo. It is almost impossible to get bored in this city, whether you go alone or accompanied, due to the cultural offer it has to offer. First of all, its cathedral stands out, which can easily absorb the visitor for more than two hours. The museum of El Greco, the Alcázar, the synagogue of El Tránsito, the synagogue of Santa María La Blanca… The buildings to visit never end and, if not, its streets are a perfect labyrinth to get lost and find oneself.

A rural getaway to Babia, perfect for a single trip

babia single

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Okay, it is true that you can go to a rural destination with friends, with a partner or completely alone. But for groups of friends who prefer a quieter and fun destination, there is always the classic and safe option: the rural house. A large residence in a natural wasteland and with active tourism plans within easy reach. That is what many environments in the country offer, but in February a destination like Babia, in the province of León, is just perfect. Few people, stars at night, hiking and disconnection.

Formentera: the other side of the Balearic Islands

Formentera single

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If Ibiza was for partying, Formentera is the most ideal Balearic island for relaxing. It is true that the party also arrives to this one. The boats bring it from neighboring Ibiza. But Formentera is much smaller and less crowded. To come here alone to isolate oneself from the world, to sunbathe on its paradisiacal islands whatever the month or to walk its bends is the perfect plan to do with elderly people or those who are simply not in shape. The itinerary allows you to enjoy both the landscape and the conversation with your friends.

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