Travel with kids in Spain: places and plans for the whole family

Spain is a country full of surprising landscapes with contrasts to visit with your family, your partner or with friends. However, when the time comes to travel with kids, the matter is slightly more complicated. Sometimes, the long sightseeing tours or the many museums can drain the kids’ patience and that is why families may feel lost when it comes to choosing their destination. Nevertheless, the country is full of fascinating cities with many attractions, activities and routes that will thrill family members of all ages. If you want to travel with kids in Spain but it has started to become a headache, we are going to make the decission easier with these 11 attractive destinations.

Enjoying Spain with the family: perfect destinations to travel with kids

Barcelona, perfect for visiting with kids

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. | Shutterstock

One may think that Barcelona feels like a theme park. The city of Barcelona has some of the greatest tourist attractions in all of Spain and that is why it is the ideal destination for people of all ages. When travelling with family, Barcelona can offer both heavenly beaches to enjoy the good weather and places straight out of a film such as Park Güell, the Sagrada Familia or the cable car of Montjuic. Furthermore, one of the favourite plans for the kids is the famous Tibidabo Amusement Park, located on top of a hill with the same name. From the top of it you can enjoy a view of the whole city.

Tenerife, an island full of adventures

Panoramic view of Tenerife

Panoramic view of Tenerife. | Shutterstock

The amazing possibilities that this Canary Island offers is another great alternative to travel with kids. If what you want is to enjoy the outdoors and the summer days, Tenerife is a safe bet. And we can enjoy it all year round too. With a delightful weather, the legendary volcano crowning the island and crystal-clear beaches with black sand, the island offers an authentic paradise for the adults and a playground for the kids. Additionally, if you have enough time, the island has one of the biggest aviaries in Europe, the Loro Parque, where the kids can see birds from all over the world.

Madrid, city of lights

Panoramic view of Madrid

Panoramic view of Madrid. | Shutterstock

Another safe bet when planning your holidays is recurring to the capital of Spain. It is said that Madrid is many cities in one, and this can be seen in the wide variety of plans it offers, from a boat ride in the Buen Retiro Park, to watching a musical in the Gran Vía, having a picnic in the huge Casa de Campo or going to one of its many interactive museums. Furthermore, the Spanish capital has the biggest zoo in the country and two crowded theme parks, the Parque de Atracciones de Madrid and the Warner Bros theme park.

Valencia and the Oceanografic

The impressive City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

The impressive City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. | Shutterstock

Valencia is a charming city to visit during the summer. On the one hand, it offers all the advantages of a big city, while also letting us enjoy its gastronomic offer and historical side. But, on top of that, when it comes to travelling with kids, it has two strong points, one of them being its long beach, where you can spend the day with your family enjoying the sun and the slow tides of the Mediterranean Sea. The other one, no doubt, is the Oceanografic, a huge building complex that has marine wildlife from all over the world.

Cabo de Gata, a place to remember

Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata. | Shutterstock

Being able to enjoy paradise-like beaches without having to get in a plane is one of the advantages that Spain has when it comes to planning your vacation. The entire coastline of the peninsula has something that makes it stand out and, without a doubt, Cabo de Gata stands out for its beautiful landscapes and nature. It is the ideal place to disconnect and spend a few days with your family. With multiple routes for every level, this Marine and Terrestrial Natural Park is the ideal destination within Andalusia. Sea and mountain united and available to anyone wanting to visit. The kids will feel like they are in a different planet, and that is why this is one of the best places to travel with kids in Spain.

Mallorca, a versatile island


Mallorca. | Shutterstock

If what you are looking for is going to a place with kids where the beaches, the environment and the food are set for your enjoyment, the Balearic Islands are a frequent destination that offers possibilities for all ages. The wide range of hotels and its big tourist capacity make the island a theme park both for adults and kids. You can enjoy many water sports in its crystal-clear beaches, practice paragliding, enjoy the white sand or visit the picturesque towns inland. All of the islands are a good option, but perhaps the best one to visit with kids is the beautiful Mallorca.

Granada, magic and snow

Sierra Nevada, a perfect destination to travel with kids

Sierra Nevada. | Shutterstock

Granada is one of the most magical cities in Spain and it makes you fall in love with it, no matter your age. Its cobbled streets, its people and its viewpoints, make visiting Lorca’s city a true wonder. But, furthermore, if you are travelling with kids, there are two places you cannot miss. One of them is the famous Alhambra, which has interactive tours for kids, so that they can enjoy the history of the place feeling like the main characters in an old film. The other one, obviously, is Sierra Nevada, the geographical enclave where the city is located which has one of the most important ski resorts in the country.

The Golden Coast and Port Aventura

Port Aventura, a great theme park to travel with kids

Port Aventura, a great theme park kids will love. | Shutterstock

The Spanish coastlines are famous worldwide for its unbeatable weather and dream beaches. However, within the best destinations to travel with kids, one of them stands out above the rest: the Golden Coast, and there’s a reason for it. On top of having beach towns with a wide hotel offering and family activities, there is a place every child dreams to go to. It is the famous park Port Aventura, a huge theme park where visitors can spend the night and watch performances from all over the world, try different foods and, of course, go on some of the most famous rides in the country.

Cabárceno, wilderness and animals

A beautiful landscape in Cabárceno

A beautiful landscape in Cabárceno. | Shutterstock

The north of Spain is one of the best places for nature lovers. Lush and green forests, breathtaking cliffs, charming towns and the best products of the sea. But, also, if you are travelling with kids, there is one place you cannot miss: Cabárceno. This town is a few kilometers away from Santander and it has one of the biggest bears and Iberian animal sanctuaries in the country. Every year, thousands of families come and spend the day in this fascinating environment where they can see the animals in semi-liberty, enjoy its forests and interact with other people.

Bilbao, cinema and art

Bilbao at sunset

Bilbao at sunset. | Shutterstock

This Basque city is one of the most cosmopolitan in Spain and that is why every year it is visited by people from all over the world. On first impression, pintxos and Txakoli may not sound like a good enough reason to visit with kids. However, the city and its surroundings have a lot to offer. On the one hand, it has the amazing Guggenheim Museum, which offers a tour for kids to enjoy the eye-catching, contemporary art. On top of that, a few kilometers away from the city, there are different points of interest for kids like the stairs of Gaztelugatxe, one of the main filming locations of Game of Thrones.

Almería and the Old West

In Almería you can feel as if you were in the Old West

In Almería you can feel as if you were in the Old West. | Shutterstock

If what you want is a quiet place with tourist attractions and beautiful beaches, Almería is always a good option. Additionally, it has a great attraction that calls for the youngest ones to visit. It is the Parque Oasys, a place where you travel to the Old West. This theme park recreates the sets of cowboy films in the desert plains of Almería. Families can go to spend the day, eat in one of the saloons and watch the performances, feeling part of a true American western film.

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