The Atlantic Paradise

The Atlantic Ocean fascinates us with some of its views and natural environments. We have selected five places that we think they are worth visiting especially in summer. Do you want to know the Atlantic Paradise?

Sotavento Beach (Canary Islands)

Fuerteventura offers us more than one dream beach, but we are in love with this particular one. Its crystalline water, white sands and waves make the perfect place for surfing and windsurfind, or simply sunbathing and swimming, out of this natural environment.

Paraísos del Atlántico

Rodas Beach (Galicia)

Rodas beach’ turquoise blue waters, white sands and the beautiful natural surrounding of this beach will not let you down. This beach of the Cíes Islands have even been compared to the Caribbean beaches -it even has a pine forest. Besides, it was selected as the best beach in the world in 2007.

Paraísos del Atlántico

Valdevaqueros Beach (Andalusia)

Not very far away from Tarifa, Cádiz, we find this enormous beach of more than 4km of length. It is located in a spot far away from the major population centers. Besides, it is fitted with refreshment stands on the beach and it is well known in Europe as a good destination to practice surf and windsurf.

Paraísos del Atlántico

Punta Papagayo Beach (Canary Islands)

We come back to the Canary Islands, now Lanzarore, near Yaiza, to show you this beautiful natural environment surrounded by volcanic rocks and a desert: a mixture that can only be enjoyed in this island. It is a spot of 2 km of length where to enjoy its several beaches, small bays with turquoise blue waters, fine sand and numerous fishes for those who like practicing snorkeling.

Paraísos del Atlántico

The flecha del rompido (Andalusia)

Our route finishes in Huelva, a very particular beach, since it is the only stretch of land that still grows in Spain. Besides, it is located in one of the only virgin area in the Andalusian coast. Moreover, it was the first nudist beach in this province.

Paraísos del Atlántico

As always, Fascinating Spain would like to remind you how important it is to respect the environment so that we all can continue enjoying these natural environments longer.

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