Spain’s Most Colourful Quarters

Walking through any of the Spain’s most colourful quarters can be a genuine delight. Colourful houses, decorated balconies, flowers of all types and sizes… Some of these Spanish quarters have very interesting corners, with impressive facades where you can see huge wall paintings. Have you been to any of the most colourful quarters in Spain?

La Marina Quarter, Hondarribia

Spain's most colourful quarters. La Marina Quarter

In the Basque Country is located the fishing village of Hondarribia. Here you will find many typical fishermen’s houses that are a delight to walkers, as they are characterized by their charm and beauty. This is how you get to the old town, where the ‘Barrio de la Marina’ stands out. The houses and balconies of different colors, as well as the cobblestone streets are, at the moment, the symbol of this town of Gipuzkoa. Besides being one of the most colourful quarters in Spain, it has been declared a Historic-Artistic Monument.

Triana Quarter, Seville

Spain's most colourful quarters. Triana Quarter

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful destinations is the Triana quarter of Seville. This is one of the most essential and charismatic quarters of the Andalusian city. A must-see for anyone visiting the South. The houses are located on the banks of the wonderful Guadalquivir River, framed by the Isabel II Bridge or Triana Bridge, which links the Triana neighborhood with the centre. As a curious fact, it stands out for being the oldest preserved iron bridge in Spain.

Barrio Viejo, Girona

Spain's most colourful quarters. Barrio Viejo

Between La Rambla and Argentería street is the picturesque Barrio Viejo. This beautiful combination of colorful houses are known as “Onyar houses“, “hanging houses” or “houses of the Girona River“, because they stand on the Onyar River, which enriches the landscape even more. Orange, pink, blue and yellow are some of the colours of their facades

It is noteworthy that the houses of the Onyar were built on the original medieval wall located there. One of the most famous is the Casa Masó, where the popular 20th century architect Rafael Masó i Valentí was born. Among all the coloured houses, this is the only one painted white.

Risco de San Juan, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Spain's most colourful quarters. Risco de San Juan

One of the colourful quarters in Spain that gets all the tourists’ flashes in Gran Canaria is Risco de San Juan. Inhabited since the 17th century, it is one of the five most striking hills on the island. The colourful houses are the result of a humble story. Neighbors painted their facades with paint remainings used in the boats of La Luz Port.

Old Town of Estepona, Málaga

What to see in Estepona. Old town

In the Costa del Sol, one of the most colourful quarters of Spain amazes us, the city of Estepona. Specifically, its old town strives to preserve the classic Andalusian style in each of its streets. Filled with flowerpots and flowers of many colors, walking through its streets well deserves more than one picture.

What to see in Estepona. Wall paintings

However, the route of the wall paintings reaches the different neighborhoods of Estepona. There you will find paintings of different styles on the facades of huge buildings that are true works of art.

La Latina Quarter, Madrid

Spain's most colourful quarters. La Latina

If, in addition to the most colourful quarters in Spain, you are looking for one with personality, this one is La Latina, in the heart of Madrid. La Latina is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Madrid. You can enjoy different activities and parties throughout the year. Even go for a walk or have a beer with your friends. The Barley Market and La Cebada and La Paja Squares are places where you can feel the bustle of La Latina at its best.

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