The main Spanish Christmas markets

How fast we come to the end of the year, don’t you think so? In almost a blink of an eye, the streets are already decorated with colourful lights and the main squares of most of the cities are full of markets selling Christmas stuff. Craftworks are the protagonist in the stands of this year, offering all the objects you can imagine. Discover the must go Spanish Christmas markets with us!

Markets in Madrid

During the month of December there are many more markets than during the whole year. Craftworks, gastronomy and all kind of objects gather in these markets offering great offers we can barely avoid. The most famouse in the Spanish capital, due to the place where it is located is the Plaza Mayor Market, the meeting point of young and adults. It has more than 100 stands where we can find all kinds of devices to decorate our house, buy perfect presents and joke games.

But this marked is not the only one, in the Plaza de España (from the 12 of December) there is one of the main national artisan ferias, selling handmade products of leather, jewelry, fabrics, pottery…A perfect choice for the art and craftwork lovers.

What is more, this year we’ll be able to enjoy the dances, traditions and craftworks from all over the world in the International Culture Christmas Ferias, celebrated in the Patio Central and the Patio Sur del Centro Cultural Conde Duque… Do you want to join us?

imagen_blog_estilo_mercado-de-navidad_madrid_cdMadrid’s Plaza Mayor

Markets in Seville

This capital from Andalusia is a must visit place due to the magic that spreads during Christmas times, even more than usually. The avenue lights along with the Cathedral make it a perfect place for photograph seekers. It is here, surrounded by the Cathedral and the Archieve of the Indies, where it is located the Nativity Scene’s Ferias, the perfect place to buy figures for our nativity scenes and Christmas trees.

Following our path, we arrive in the Mayor Square, where we find as well 80 artisans and commercial stands selling all kinds of products: leather, pieces of glass, toys, decorations… Following to the centre of Seville, there are many markets linked by a train that drives the visitors from one to another while they enjoy the Christmas decorations.


Lights in Seville

Markets in Valencia

One of the most known and waited for markets, especially for the youngest of the family, is the Colón Market. Here we can find craftworks, but especially anything related to kids: decorations, theatres and music, all in a modern building. Besides, in this city the kids have a mailbox located in the Arts and Science City so they can send their letters to the Three Wise Men.

Other bet is the Central Market, where more than 200 stands offer all kinds of gastronomy: sweets, chestnuts and also figures and other Christmas decorations.


Central Market | Picture by Guiarte Valencia

Markets in Zaragoza

A getaway to Zaragoza is especially worth it to visit the Plaza del Pilar where, in front of the Basilica, there is a huge nativity scene of almost 15500 square metres, made of 100 real size figures. For the kids to have fun and, why not, for the adults as well, there is an ice skating ring. You can also discover the wishes’ tree.

Referring to markets, we find two important ones: The Aragon square with 48 stands with all kinds of stuffs not necessarily for Christmas time; and the Craftworks Market from Aragon that has become an important event for the artisan sector, where there are offered creations but also live artisan workshops, artisan contests and daily raffles.


Plaza del Pilar | Picture by Turismo de Zaragoza

Markets in Bilbao

Through all the month of December there are many markets set in this city. It is remarkable the one of Santo Tomás, where you can try delicious gastronomic products like chorizo or txacoli, while you listen to nice music or buy some of the exposed craftworks. The streets around this place will absolutely cheer you up. Other important artisan market is the Gabonart, where you can find handmade pottery, jewelry, glass figures, wood, fabric and even toys. We need to mention as well the nativity scenes in Bilbao, where there are remarkable the culture, tradition and history of those exhibitions. You will find them in the San Nicolás Church, Santiago Cathedral, Diocesan Museum and Pasos Museum.


The market of Santo Tomás | Picture by Indautxu71

Markets in Santiago de Compostela

From more recent times there is this da Estrella Market, in its 4th edition, a call to the young and not that young people to buy craftworks as presents. It is divided in several spaces inside of the amazing Museum Pobo Cloister from Galicia. In this place there are craftwork stands and a place dedicated to the gastronomy and music. Besides in the 8 de Marzo Square there is a place with food trucks, dj sessions and urban organic farm workshops.

The Quintana square is other must stop place to enjoy one of these markets, where you can get artisan works, decoration collections and Christmas gastronomic products. Furthermore there are many activities like live music, creative workshops, play centres…


Mercado da Estrella | Picture by Correveydile

Markets in Barcelona

Next to the Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia Cathedrals there is the Santa Lucía Christmas Market inside of this Gothic neighborhood; the perfect place to buy all kind of Christmas accessories, but also treats and craftworks.

Besides, in the wonderful environment surrounded by the Sagrada Familia, in the Gaudi Avenue, many expositors, artisans and artists exhibit their works to tourists and local people who gather together to visit the place every year.


Christmas market in Avenida de Gaudi

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