Magical toy shops in Spain for unique gifts

Finally Christmas Day. The day dawns early and under the Christmas tree there are several gifts with colorful papers stored. A few footsteps are heard and a small squeak of excitement. At the cry of ‘Santa Claus has arrived!’ a boy of about eight years old wakes up his parents. What goes unnoticed by him is this: who makes those nifty toys waiting behind the packages? ‘The elves,’ the adults would reply. Elves who are none other than toymakers, a trade without which Christmas would not be what it is today. Among the big toy companies, beyond Imaginarium or Toys’R’Us, there are a few brave ones that still dedicate themselves to this ancestral profession and some places where the magic can be felt. This is the case of the toy stores in Spain shown in this article, small stores that still survive the passage of globalization and that are in themselves a whole experience. Since you are going to consume, why not do it in a more local way?

Rc Tecnic, the remote control paradise

The history of toys in Spain began in the late nineteenth century and became one of the most important industries of the 20th century compared to other toy companies in the world. But where it experienced the greatest growth was undoubtedly in Catalonia and Valencia, a development that continues to this day. According to official data these communities contributed 70.5% of the toy manufacturing activity in 2019. That is why they could not fail to be included in this list toy shops of these communities in which, despite the predominance of large companies, some small and medium-sized stores resist.

In this sense, in Catalonia, the Rc Tecnic store stands out, which defines itself as “the store of drones, toy robots, remote-controlled cars, radio control, model airplanes and, in general, technological toys reference of the country”. Rc Tecnic is, in short, the paradise of every child and non-child who likes technology. In its facilities, located in Calvet street, in Barcelona, Santa Claus can find all kinds of radio-controlled toys, as well as model airplanes. Their price range is very wide and the possibility of trying and touching everything makes the visit an experience. If you can not go to the place, there is always the on-line option.

Circo Kids, a toy store specialized in all kinds of products for children

In Madrid there are many toy stores that are committed to sustainable and original commerce. In 2016 Sofía Magaña realized her dream by opening a toy store on Argensola street, very close to Recoletos station. She recently opened a second store on Jorge Juan street. Circo Kids combines toys and games with clothing, decorative items and cosmetics. Everything is focused on children and babies from 0 to 12 years old.

It is already unusual for a store to bring together all these elements, but Circo Kids is also an establishment that focuses on traditional toys rather than technological ones and sells brands that are not usually found in our country. Likewise, the values of this toy store revolve around ecology, craftsmanship and solidarity. Oh, and by the way, you can also order online.

Juguetes Doña Flor, a reencounter with the most traditional childhood

With 35 years in business, Doña Flor is another of those stores that are still anchored to the past. In its small establishment located in Cervantes Street, in Valencia, the elderly can relive their childhood with traditional toys, made of wood and tin. Although all kinds of products can be found in its facilities, including children’s bicycles and ride-ons or traditional wooden horses, Doña Flor’s specialty is dollhouses, as well as the accessories that go with them. In this establishment it is also possible to buy on-line by calling or writing to the owners.

¿Jugamos?, specialized on board games

¿Jugamos? is a toy store located in the city of Seville, in the Triana neighborhood, with more than 15 years of operation. It is a store that has stationery products, books, figurines, music, etc.. It also has a curious section of outdoor games. But, undoubtedly, the most outstanding feature of ¿Jugamos? is its wide range of board games, among which there is an infinite variety. From card games to casino games, from children’s games to adult games, from the traditional ones to the most modern ones. Everything you can imagine to entertain yourself at a table. Purchases can also be made online.

Juguijuga, a whole interactive experience

The Juguijuga establishment already has a long history. It changed hands more than eight years ago, passing from the father who ran it in the past to his daughter. It is therefore a reference in the world of children’s toys in Barcelona. The store is located specifically in Passeig de Sant Joan and inside it houses a wide variety of dolls and games from all over the world. From French wooden kitchenettes to German bicycles, through stuffed animals, board games, strollers, etc..

Although you can order online to buy in Juguijuga, going to the store is an experience. Inside there is a play area that includes a train circuit, a small drawing table and a huge blackboard. In addition, the space can be reserved for birthday celebrations, so how about coming for a day out with the kids?

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