Five Caves in Spain That You Can Not Miss

There are more than 30,000 caves in Spain that are known and explored, but among these caves are some that stand out for their beauty. Today we discuss five caves that, for us, are pure visual spectacles. Let’s get started:

Caves in Spain: The Caves of Drach

Famous in Mallorca, these caves located in Porto Cristo can be found inside Lake Martel, one of the largest underground lakes in the world. In addition, visitors get to experience a concert of classic live music and an exhibition of luminous effects… a real spectacle.

Caves of Drach (Majorca)

Caves in Spain: The Caves of Valporquero

Located to the north of the province of León, this cave formed by huge cavities offers 2.5 km of caves to visit with seven different rooms, as well as another smaller passage that is 1.6 km. Each room is named according to the environment inside. Among the most striking is the largest, the”Rotonda”, and the “Pequeñas Maravillas” where the imagination is very important to your visit.

Caves of Valporquero (León)

Caves in Spain: Cave of Wonders

In the heart of Aracena (Huelva), we find this geological treasure full of rock formations that have been carved by nature, creating an underground landscape of stalactites, stalagmites and columns that (as the name of the cave indicates) are wonderful.

Cave of Wonders (Huelva)

Caves in Spain: The Grotto of San José

In Vall de Uxo (Castellón), we find the longest navigable underground river in Europe. You can visit by sailing through the tranquil waters of the various cavities you can gaze at, but there is also an area of 2 km that is inaccessible to the public. Interestingly enough, at the entrance of the grotto you can see cave paintings and archaeological sites that are more than 15,000 years old.

Grotto of San José (Castellón)

Caves in Spain: Verdes Cave

To the north of Lanzarote Island, not far from Haría, we find this cave that is part of one of the longest volcanic tubes in the world. The space was modified by the artist César Manrique, who managed to combine nature and architecture perfectly to create, among other spaces, an auditorium inside. The tour through the Cave of Los Verdes is impressive, as the lighting games proposed by the artist along with the geology of the cave create magical spaces.

Cueva de los Verdes (Lanzarote)

We have added five more caves to our list of “must-sees” that you can read about in “5 Caves in Spain that you can not Miss (Part II).”

As always, at Fascinating Spain, we want to remember the importance of respecting the environment so we can continue to enjoy these beautiful places for a long time.

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