10 active tourism plans in Euskadi inland

To practice tourism in the Basque Country  is very easy: Practicing tourism in the Basque Country is very simple: there are so many options and none of them resembles the previous one so fun is guaranteed. Thanks to these active tourism plans you could discover the history of Eukadi and its most characteristic elements. On horseback, with a kayak, cycling, walking… Surprise yourself by knowing some of the most emblematic places of the Basque Country and its magical corners.

A bike ride among vineyards

turismo en el País Vasco
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If you like to ride a bike, you are a wine lover and you love new experiences, this tourism plan in the Basque Country will make you fall in love. You can do the tour with an electric bike through vineyards and wine cellars of the Rioja Alavesa while a guide explains the traditions and the cultural and landscaping aspects of the wine. The tour stars in the town of Labastida and it lasts approximately 3 hours. After the bike ride, you will visit a traditional wine cellar where you could taste some quality wines and an aperitif. A perfect combination to regain strength

Speleologist for a day in Pozalagua Cave

turismo en el País Vasco Cueva de Pozalagua
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Caves are jewel of the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Euskadi. In this tourism plan in the Basque Country you will have the opportunity to feel like a speleologist in Pozalagua Cave, a cave situated in Karranza Valley. With a length of 125 metres, Pozalagua Cave is a labyrinthine route where you can contemplate one of the biggest concentrations of eccentric stalactites that you can find in this world. A guided visit that will take your breath away.

Kayaking in the reservoir of Urrunaga

turismo en el País Vasco pantano urrunaga
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Active tourism can be also a romantic and a different plan. One of the interior seas of the Basque Country, the reservoir of Urrunaga, is waiting for you with a very romantic kayaking journey. To rest, you can move to one of its shores to have a picnic that has been prepared according to your tastes. This activity includes kayaks rental as well as an omelette or Iberian products (jam, loin or sausage) sandwich, a pintxo of Idiazábal cheese, a soft drink and information about recommended tours.

Hiking from Igeldo to Orio

turismo en el País Vasco
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If you are in Donostia – San Sebastián you have the possibility to practice a different type of tourism in the Basque Country. You can practice hiking in an easy route from Igeldo to Orio with an expert guide that will explain you characteristics of the gastronomy, culture and nature of the area. The route lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes and it is almost without slopes. After the route, you will enjoy some local products. The organization of the route gives to the hikers the possibility of taking a bus from Donostia to Igeldo, where the route starts.

An adventure in Arditurri mines

turismo en el País Vasco Minas de Arditurri
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If you love plans which objective is to get into the ends of the earth, you would be able to discover the origins of Euskadi thanks to its most important caves. In the Arditurri mines, which are situated in the town of Oyarzun, you could walk through tunnels where light games and magic sounds are created. They have been exploited for more than 2 thousand years and they are located in Aiako Harria Natural Park. With beautiful landscaped worthy of postcards, this park deserves a visit.

In addition, tourism in the Basque Country is very complete. If you have enough time to visit Euskadi, the Ekain cave, the Arrikrutz cave and the Santimamiñe one are waiting for you.

A horse riding route through the castle of Butrón

turismo en el País Vasco Castillo de Butrón
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Visiting one of the most beautiful places of Bizkaia is an ideal plan, but if you do it with a horse it would be an unforgettable experience. If you have never ridden a horse, you don’t have to worry: the route is quite easy and you will also do a short initiation course where you will learn basic horse riding notions.  Children could do the route with a pony. The route starts in the “enchanted forest” and it continues through the castle of Butrón, which dated from the middle Ages. The horse riding route continues along the banks of the Butrón ria up to the characteristic Plentzia fan.

Kayaking and wines in the Rioja Alavesa

turismo en el País Vasco Rioja Alavesa
Río Ebro

This activity combines sport and wine in a guided kayaking route through the Ebro River that starts in the town Labastida. While you are kayaking you will enjoy the vineyards landscapes that are in the Rioja Alavesa. Kayak in an exceptional environment and enjoy the oenology tradition thanks to the explanations of a guide that will tell you the history and characteristics of wines that are internationally famous.  After the route, you will visite a wine cellar where you will taste different wines.

Adventure Park for children…and adults!

turismo en el País Vasco Hontza Extrem
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Hontza Extrem Adventure Park (Otxandio, Bizkaia) is a perfect place to do different activities and circuits for all type of visitors. This is a different way to practice tourism in the Basque Country and to feel how the adrenalin increases. Show your abilities! In the park there are toilets and there is a parking, a picnic area…

Route around the Oma forest

turismo en el País Vasco Bosque de oma
Bosque de Oma

With the aim of bringing nature closer to all people, the Oma forest is accessible for those with reduced mobility. Using Joëlette wheelchairs (one per group), you can enjoy one of the most characteristic forests of Euskadi. This is an experience to discover the work of the painter and sculptor Agustín Ibarrola in the place also known as the Painted Forest or the Enchanted Forest. The route starts in the restaurant of Lezika.

The cider way… riding an electric bike

turismo en el País Vasco camino de la sidra
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You could go across the cider way with an electric bike cycling through beautiful landscapes that lead to the Bay of Donostia. Following the explanations of the guide, you will go through one of the most representative points of the Way to Santigo in Guipuzkoa. The route lasts 3 hours in which you will know the history of the hamlet and cider. After the route, you will go to the Basque Cider Museum in Sagardoetxea where you will taste not just cider, but some delicious pintxos.  As if this were not enough, you will know the secrets of the classic rite of txotx, rough which the cider season in Euskadi is inaugurated.

There are lots of activities and active tourism that you can do in Euskadi. Take advantage of your visit to discover its landscapes while you practice sports and increase your adrenalin!

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