5 natural surroundings in Andalusia

We all know the fantastic beaches that the Andalusian Coast offers. However, we now want you to experience a different way to cool down in Andalusia. We leave behind the salty waters to go deep into the following natural parks and environments.

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River Jándula (Jaén)

entornos naturales de Andalucía
River Jándula

This tributary of the Guadalquivir River leaves room for several reservoirs running through the Sierra de Andújar Nature Park, where you can enjoy a refreshing bath as well as an exceptional environment. Besides, we have several routes for those who prefer enjoying nature on foot.

Charco del Aceite (Jaén)

entornos naturales de Andalucía
Charco del Aceite (Photo: parquecinegeticocolladodelalmendral.com)

From a tributary we jump onto the very Guadalquivir River that shows us this recreational area inside Sierra Cazorla, which leaves this wonderful natural enclave together with stone benches and tables as well as a kiosk-bar to make you day more bearable.

Baños de La Hedionda (Málaga)

entornos naturales de Andalucía
Baños de la Hedionda (Photo: dikidu.com)

Close to Casares lies this natural spring with sulphurous waters whose healing effects were already known by the Romans. We warn you of the strong scent of this area, but you will quickly get used to it. Here we find the trace of ancient cultures: we can have a bath in an ancient Roman spa since it still keeps a spectacular ribbed vault.

Reservoir of Zahara-Gastor (Cádiz)

entornos naturales de Andalucía
Reservoir of Zahara-Gastor

We head to Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park to contemplate this enormous reservoir in which you can take a bath, practice aquatic activities or go fishing. We highlight the turquoise-blue waters and this spot’s services: a restaurant, a parking lot, lifeguard and other comforts to help you have an amazing time.

Riverside of El Huéznar (Sevilla)

entornos naturales de Andalucía
Riverside of El Huéznar (Photo: sevillasecreta.co)

We end up in the Sierra Norte de Seville Natural Park to show you this Andalusian landscape. We highlight the waterfalls, a region that abounds in pools surrounded by areas of lush vegetation in which you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Taking a rest is also possible in the nearby picnic area of this natural environment.

As always, Fascinating Spain would like to remind you how important it is to respect the environment so that we all can continue enjoying these natural environments longer.

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