5 bathing areas in Valencia

The Valencian coastline offers dream inlets and beaches where to relax while looking to the gorgeous environment in the area. However, this post rather focuses on this region’s bathing areas. We have selected 5 bathing areas in Valencia:

Salto de la Novia / Bride’s Jump (Castellón)

Forget about everything in this natural Paradise in the village of Navajas. This bathing area is fitted with a 60-meter waterfall that creates pools with quiet water and fine sand. In the nearby, we might find routes where to wander through and get to know this natural surrounding a little bit better.

zonas de baño en Valencia

La Fuente de los Baños/ Spring Baths (Castellón)

Nearby Sierra de Espadan Natural Park, we find a Montanejos Thermal Villa. Here lies a bathing area that tells us a fascinating story, since it was built by the last Moorish King, Abu Zeit, so that his wives would never lose their beauty. This environment allows us to enjoy 25ºC water as well as to practice adventure sports such as zip-line, climbing and canyioning.

zonas de baño en Valencia

Paraje del Río Sellent / The place of the Sellent River (Valencia)

Near Xativa, in Bolbaite, the Sallent River is located: crystalline water that makes a perfect bathing area out of this place. It is fitted with picnic areas and recreational areas to spend a wonderful time with family. The upper course of the river shows us two hollow spaces in the rock, of which the farest cavity has waterfall worth to visit.

zonas de baño en Valencia

Cueva del Turche/ Turche Cave(Valencia)

This geological compound reinforces the beauty of this village, situated between Buñol and Yátova. Here we find a lake framed in a stone amphitheater and a picnic area to make your day even more enjoyable. At certain times of the year we can enjoy watching a 60-meter height waterfall, slightly higher than the Bride’s Jump’s waterfall (although only a bit water falls in summer).

zonas de baño en Valencia

Charco del Gruñidor / Grumbling’s pool (Valencia)

We can find several spaces where to cool down a bit throughout the 12km of the Sot River. The one we are aiming here is the one in the village of Sot de Chera: natural pools visited by both locals and visitors. October is the moment to go, since it is a bit cold but the place offers warm water.

zonas de baño en Valencia

As always, Fascinating Spain would like to remind you how important it is to respect the environment so that we all can continue enjoying these natural environments longer.

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