11 of Spain’s most beautiful villages

Every year, the association Los Pueblos Más Bonitos de España (The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain) selects 11 not-so-famous villages to highlight their beauty and historical and artistic value. Will your village be on this list?

Segura de la Sierra

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain is Segura de la Sierra. It is located in a stunning landscape in Jaén, within the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. It houses an important historical complex protected by three nearby rock fortresses. The most outstanding feature of the village is the formidable Castle of Segura de la Sierra, built between the 13th and 15th centuries.

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This old town is located in the county of Mariña Central, on the north of Lugo. It is embellished by its cathedral and a romantic history/legend. The old quarter of the city was declared as historical-artistic complex in 1985. Its centre is the cathedral square, built in the 13th century and towards which all the streets of the town converge.

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Another of the most beautiful villages in Spain is Ledesma, a place where rocks tell you their history. Located in the province of Salamanca, it isthe starting point to the National Park of Arribes del Duero.

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Briones is a village located in La Rioja, only 35 km away from Logroño. Several monuments give the village a great beauty. Some are the Church of Nuestra Señora de Asunción and the Palace of el Marqués de San Nicolás. By the way, fun fact about this village: it became the setting where the TV series Gran Reserva was recorded.

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This village over the plain of the Arlanza river lived a glorious historic moment at the beginning of the 17th century thanks to the favourite of Philip III. Lerma, situated in the province of Burgos, deserves to belong to the list of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The Ex Collegiate of San Pedro, the Arch of the Prison and the Square of the Old Market (also known as “of San Antonio”) are must see places.

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Zahara de la Sierra

It is located at the heart of the Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema, in the northeastern corner of Cádiz. It is on the Sierra del Jaral slope in the “Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos” (route of the white villages).

Pueblos blancos de Andalucía: Zahara


Bubión is another of the most beautiful villages in Spain. It is located in the heart of Sierra Nevada (Granada), in the popular Barranco de Poqueira. From the same place, if there is a sunny day, you can see the Mediterranean Sea and Sierra Nevada. The urban area is formed by white streets filled of flowers and fountains that pour water from the mountain.

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Almonaster La Real

Almonaster La Real is between the Sierra de Aracena and el Andévalo. It is a place where it smells like anise and it sounds fandango. Situated in the province of Huelva, the village offers natural treasures to disconnect. Furthermore, there is the only Andalusian mosque preserved almost intact in Spain. A white village surrounded by mountains that will surprise you.

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Mirambel, located in Teruel, means history. Since its conquest by Alfonso II around 1169, its history was tied to military orders. It was firstly given to the military order of Santo Redentor and then, in 1196, to the Order of the Temple becoming part of Cantavieja. It is said it the most beautiful area in the Maestrazgo of Teruel. 

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Located in the province of Cáceres, Guadalupe has a breathtaking heritage. The famous sanctuary of Guadelupe is surrounded by an exciting history and it houses in its buildings an exhibit of sacred art. Its surroundings do not detract from the artistic collection.

Los 11 pueblos más bonitos de España para 2018

Castro Caldelas

Castro Caldelas, located in Orense, has also been selected to be part in this list of the most beautiful villages in Spain. As it is on the riverbank, we will say we are in a mountain and riverside village. This Galician village is topped by a castle built during the Middle Ages.

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