11 getaways to escape from Christmas

Not everyone likes the streets full of lights, Christmas markets and trees full of balls. Neither Santa Claus and the Three Kings, nor the curious traditions that Spain has. People to whom a mysterious gift causes hives and who try to catch pneumonia so as not to go to the company dinner. For all of them, visiting Vigo or other of the most illuminated cities in the country is a punishment. So, to avoid unnecessary suffering, here are a series of perfect getaways to escape from Christmas. Places where, if you do your part, you will be able to spend this time of exalted happiness in peace.

La Graciosa Island, Lanzarote

La Graciosa Island christmas

La Graciosa Island, a paradise to escape from Christmas. | Shutterstock

Recognized as the eighth island of the Canary archipelago, La Graciosa has everything you need to get away from Christmas. Although staying on the island itself is not the cheapest, it guarantees to be isolated away from the cold, thanks to the extraordinary climate of the Canary Islands. Also, this part of the province of Las Palmas allows you to easily visit the neighboring Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. The Martian landscape of the Timanfaya National Park in the former or the dunes of Corralejo in the latter make it seem that, rather than fleeing from Christmas, one has traveled to another planet.

Santa Cruz de Serós and San Juan de la Peña, Huesca

San Juan de las Peñas Monastery

San Juan de las Peñas Monastery. | Shutterstock

In the hidden mountains of the province of Huesca awaits this wonderful duo. San Juan de la Peña was one of the most outstanding monasteries of the kingdom of Aragon, possessing great connections with its royalty in the Middle Ages. Although it is possible to sleep there to completely escape from Christmas and the world in general, a good idea is to use Santa Cruz de Serós as a base. From there you can make short trips to spectacular natural environments such as the Ordesa National Park or the Natural Park of the Western Valleys.

At the risk of bumping into Christmas, it is also worth going to Jaca to contemplate its Romanesque cathedral. Visiting places like Ansó, Hecho or Canfranc, with one of the most beautiful resorts in Spain, is an ideal complement. In addition, if you want you can visit San Juan de la Peña doing the Aragonese Way, very hard and only for experts in winter. An opportunity to avoid exchanging gifts and Christmas dinners.

Fisterra, A Coruña

A Coruña

Lighthouse of Fisterra-Finisterre, A Coruña. | Shutterstock

Fisterra, or Finisterre, is also a place closely linked to the Way to Santiago. In addition, it is the protagonist of ancient pre-Roman pilgrimages, which gives it a mystical aura that surpasses that of Christmas. Watching the sunset from its beautiful lighthouse, wandering through the Langosteira or the hippy beach of Mar de Fóra, enjoying one of the most curious cemeteries in Spain or eating seafood at one of the best times of the year does not seem a bad plan. On the other hand, touring the Costa da Morte and seeing its shipwrecks is an ideal alternative to replace the boring Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve dinners.

Poveda de la Sierra, Guadalajara

Poveda de la Sierra in Guadalajara christmas

Poveda de la Sierra in Guadalajara. | Town Hall of Poveda de la Sierra

The western part of Guadalajara is a good place to hide, therefore also to escape from Christmas. Molina de Aragón and its lordship, as well as the Alto Tajo, offer enough attractions to choose this rural getaway. Poveda de la Sierra is one of the favorite centers of the alcarreños to visit the aforementioned natural park, which includes even beautiful waterfalls. There is no lack of walking routes or small villages to visit. Although, as in previous cases, it is inevitable that some waiter wears a Christmas hat, the contact with these holidays can be minimal.

Biniaraix, Mallorca

Biniaraix in Mallorca

Biniaraix in Mallorca. | Shutterstock

In a ravine and between two municipalities, this is Biniaraix. The landscape is set by the Tramuntana mountains. To the southwest is the impressive Biniaraix ravine. To cross it is a great experience that allows to know the broken landscape of the Balearic mountains. In the opposite direction awaits the Mediterranean with the port of Soller. The mountain environment also offers strong points, hiking or biking trails, ancient remains… A place to escape from Christmas that has it all and that allows you to enjoy the good winter conditions of Mallorca.

Zegama, Gipuzkoa

Zegama christmas

Zegama in winter. | Shutterstock

At one end of the famous San Adrián Tunnel is Zegama. An authentic Basque village, between mountains, where you can stroll carefree between panoramic views. The proximity of Idiazabal is a great incentive, especially if you are a cheesemonger. The rest of the local gastronomy is also outstanding. Crossing the tunnel you can see Zalduondo, already in Álava. Meanwhile, in Gipuzkoa are Zerain and Segura. The chances of encountering the Olentzero in these remote lands during the Christmas season are low, as he is on delivery.

Granadilla, Cáceres


Granadilla Castle in Cáceres. | Shutterstock

For this getaway intended to escape from Christmas you need a caravan or similar. However, the guarantee of evasion is total. Granadilla was doomed when the Gabriel y Galán reservoir was planned. In the end the body of water did not engulf the population of Cáceres. However, its people did not return and it was abandoned. At present it is in the process of recovery. Thanks to this, houses have been restored and the state of the church and castle has been assured. Therefore, if you go there during the Christmas season, the only company there will be the local fauna and the occasional tourist who is encouraged to know this interesting depopulated area.

Tabernas Desert, Almería

Tabernas Desert

Tabernas Desert. | Shutterstock

The province of Almería is a great Christmas destination for its good weather and multitude of tourist options. Among them there are some that, ironically, can make Christmas itself take a back seat. Tabernas, for example. The most famous cinematographic desert in Spain has a lot to see. The main thing, its theme park that includes a zoological reserve and a western village. Between sand, revolvers, bars and tack, it’s easy to forget what time of year it is and its festivities. In addition, the village of tabernas itself has interesting monuments and next to it is the cape of Gata.

Fuente Dé, Cantabria

Fuente Dé christmas

View of Fuente Dé, a very isolated village. | Shutterstock

Again we go to a very isolated village to escape from Christmas. Fuente Dé is a small village in Cantabria that allows you to disconnect from the world one hundred percent. Its small size and location, in the heart of the Picos de Europa, make it perfect for a few days in the mountains and with just the right coverage. With luck, you won’t even receive congratulatory messages on the most important dates. Potes is not far away, in case you end up needing to see some civilization.

Jávea, Alicante


The Arenal in Jávea. | Shutterstock

Jávea is one of the most beautiful municipalities of Alicante. Although it has two nuclei with the typical apartments, the port and the Arenal beach, where it is impossible to escape from Christmas, there is always the option of renting any of the villas in the surrounding area. The San Antonio cape, the Nao cape or the Portixol and Granadella coves are just four examples of where to go in the municipality. In addition, being winter it is possible to see them without suffering the excessive crowds of summer.

Sancti Petri and Roche, Cádiz

Castle of Sancti Petri

Aerial view of the Castle of Sancti Petri, where the Temple of Hercules Gaditano was. | Shutterstock

To close, it’s time to go to best sun and beaches of Spain. Both Sancti Petri and its castle, in Chiclana, and Roche beach, in Conil, are two of the most recognized tourist environments of Cádiz and its bay. In their urbanizations it is possible to find villas suitable for everyone, from the luxury ones to the most normal ones. Be that as it may, the activities would be limited to enjoy the beach and eat. A great plan without stars or lights in between.

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