The April Fair of Seville is back!

This fair is celebrated in the city of Seville since 1847, that is considered the most popular festivity in Spain, but is also well-known all around the world. Dancing, drinking, laughing and having fun are the main activities of this traditional Andalusian festivity. It should be experienced at least once in life: you will never forget it.

April Fair of Seville.

April Fair of Seville. | Shutterstock.

The origins of the April fair

It was councillors Narciso Bonaplata and José María de Ybarra who came up with the idea of creating an agricultural fair in the city in order to reactivate the economy of this sector in the Andalusian capital. This activity was already celebrated when the King Alfonso X granted the city the right to hold two annual fairs in 1254. However, this became again popular in 1847, thanks to the idea of these two councillors.

Fair of Seville. Joaquín Dominguez Bécquer.

Fair of Seville. Joaquín Dominguez Bécquer, 1867 | Shutterstock

For that reason, the original aim of this fair had a strong interest in livestock and trade. The fair attracted a great success among the public, as a large part of society of Seville of the time gathered there. The first fair consisted of 19 stands, however, over the years, that was completely different. In 1858 were around 119 stands. So, the festivity became more a celebration to have fun than to increase the livestock interest. Nowadays, this fact is even more evident, since there are 1053 stands!

A stand of the April Fair.

A stand of the April Fair. | Shutterstock

Public and private stands

The fair is like a city due to its 275,000 square metres with different streets and stands. Although it may seem that there is room for everyone, it is not easy to find a stand. The great majority of them are private, so it is forbidden to access them without the invitation of the owner. However, even not having an invitation, it is possible to enjoy this amazing Andalusian atmosphere.

Girls dancing "sevillanas".

Girls dancing “sevillanas”. | Shutterstock

There are many public stands which are available for those who do not know anyone of the city. In total, there are 16 public stands that will open this year of the Feria de Abril 2022. These stands usually belong to districts of the city, political parties or associations.

As it is above-mentioned, the fair is a little town inside the city of Seville, so maybe if it is your first visit, you will need a map of the location. However, there is even an easier solution: Google Maps. This app also includes the streets of the fairgrounds. Here it is included more information about how to access to the public stands of this year.

In Pascual Márquez street you will find most of the free access stands. Here you can find the stands of 3 of the 6 districts of the city and of some associations.

  • Este-Cerro-Amate district, number 215
  • Macarena-Norte district, number 85
  • Triana-Los Remedios district, number 153
  • CCOO (Workers Commission trade union), number 81
  • La Pecera Association, number 9
  • Partido Popular (People’s Party), number 66

More public stands can also be found in Antonio Bienvenida Street.

  • Partido Socialista Obrero Español (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party), number 79.
  • UGT (General Union of Workers), number 19
  • Old quarter district, number 97

In Costillares Street you can find the following:

  • Área de Fiestas Mayores del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla (Seville City Council Major Festivities Area), number 13
  • Nervión-San Pablo-Santa Justa District, number 22

In Ignacio Sánchez Mejías Street:

  • CF San Fernando Association, number 56
  • Sur-Bellavista-La Palmera district, number 61

Lastly, in Monolo Vázquez Street:

  • La Marimorena, number 31

This last stand focuses on catering for diversity by offering vegan menus, gluten-free and lactose-free food and drink.

The façade of the fair, one of its most significant “monuments”

The façade of the April fair.

The façade of the April fair. | Shutterstock

One of the most striking features that give the fair its personality is the façade at the entrance. A temporary construction that changes its spectacular design every year. The façade of the April Fair of Seville in 2022 is based on the design chosen for 2020, which was presented by the Sevillian architect Francisco Javier Navarro de Pablos. The design is inspired by the Alfonso XIII hotel, one of the most relevant of the city.

This tradition dates back to 1896 when it was built ‘la Pasarela’, an iron façade inspired by the materials and the design of the Eiffel Tower. However, this façade was demolished in 1921 and, since then, a temporal one is created for each year. In 1949 was when the first most incredible façade was designed. Since then, this is a high-significant tradition of the April fair.

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