Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park

Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park was created in 1995. Its 14,119 hectares make this unique National Park of Catalonia one of the most representative natural areas of the community. In addition, it has a peripheral area of special protection covering more than 26,000 hectares.

Formed by the valleys of the Rivers Sant Nicolau and Escrita, water is the main protagonist of an area full of lakes, meanders, waterfalls and peat bogs from the aforementioned rivers and their tributaries. With all the attraction and natural diversity typical of the Pyrenees, the park’s main tourist attractions are the Sant Maurici pond and the Aigüestortes meadow. The first is a huge stretch of water with easy access from the River Escrita, which is protected by the imposing presence of the Serra dels Encantats, at an altitude of 2,747 metres. For its part, the Aigüestortes meadow (Aguas Tortuosas in Spanish) is a large plain pierced by the sinuous meanders of the Sant Nicolau Riveru.

Vegetation and fauna

The flora of the Aigüestortes park is mainly composed of black pine, oak, ash and beech forests. Its fauna also responds to the characteristics of the high Pyrenean mountains, finding among its most representative species the capercaillie, the golden eagle, the bearded vulture, the wild boar or the roe deer.


Hiking and access

The maximum height of the Aigüestortes Park is 2,982 metres from the Peguera peak. All the land of Aiguestortes Park has a wide and well-defined network of paths. The Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici park itself organises excursions and occasional activities.

Most common accesses to the Aigüestortes park are from the towns of Pont de Suert, Boí and Espot. The most common way to get there is by car, and for this purpose free car parks have been set up at the main entrances to welcome the large number of visitors from all over Spain and France. Another option is to get there by bus, taking one of the lines that operate from the surrounding towns.


Some recommendations for eating and sleeping around the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici Park

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In Barruera

Restaurante El Ventador

Restaurante La Llebreta

In Boí

Restaurante La Cabana

Restaurante La Taverneta

Restaurante Ca la Pepa

In Coll

Restaurante Casa Peiró

In El Pont de Suert

Restaurante Mesón del Remei

Restaurante Casa Prades

Restaurante Ca Milieta

In Erill la Vall

Restaurante La Plaça

In Espot

Restaurante Juquim

Restaurante La Llupia

Restaurante L’Avet de Sant Maurici

In Pla de l’Ermita

Restaurante Sant Quirze

Restaurante Karpanta

In Tahull

Restaurante El Caliu

Restaurante El Fai

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In Barruera

Hotel Farré d’Aball

Casa Rural Hortal

Casa Rural La Comella

Casa Rural Coll

In Boí

Hotel Pey

Apartamentos Arenys de Boí

Apartamentos La Peguera

Camping Taüll

In Caldes de Boí

Hotel Caldas

Hotel Manantial

In Cardet

Casa Rural Torellola

Casa Farré

In Coll

Hotel Casa Peiró

In El Pont de Suert

Hotel Flor de Neu

Hotel Cotori

Hotel Mestre

Camping Can Roig

Camping Del Remei

Camping Alta Ribagorça

In Erill la Vall

Hostal La Plaça

Casa Rural Pernalle

Casa Rural L’Era de ferro

In Espot

Hotel Saurat

Hotel Roca Blanca

Hotel Roya

Camping Sol i Neu

Camping La Mola

Camping Voraparc

In Pla de l’Ermita

Hotel Boí Taüll Resort

Hotel El Bouquet

Apartamentos Pleta Bona

In Tahull

Hotel El Rantiner

Hotel El Xalet de Taüll

Casa Rural Ca de Corral

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Association of National Park Guides and Interpreters

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Casa del Parque Nacional en Boí. C/ de les Graireres, 2. Lleida. Spain. Phone: +34 973.69.61.89. Coordinates GPS approx. 42º 31′ 19.67″ N – 0º 50′ 0.06″ E.

Casa del Parque Nacional en Espot. C/ de Sant Maurici, 5. Lleida. Spain. Phone: +34 973.62.40.36. Coordinates GPS approx. 42º 34′ 33″ N – 1º 5′ 16.63″ E.

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