Peña Cabarga Natural Park

The Massif of Peña Cabarga covers a total area of 2,588 hectares containing many of the most interesting geological landscapes in Spain. In 1989, it was protected by the Government of Spain under the name Natural Park of the Massif of Peña Cabarga.

Peña Cabarga belongs to the Sierra de Gándara and its highest point is at 569 meters on Llen Peak. On its summit you’ll find the Indiano Monument and one of the best natural overlooks in the region, from which you can enjoy excellent views of the Bay of Santander, located to the north of the massif. The current terrain of Peña Cabarga has been shaped in part by the erosion of the limestone and by the iron extractions starting in the pre-Roman age in the form of open-cut mineral exploitations, no longer in use. The terrain of Peña Cabarga is marked by eye-catching karst formations which reach a high point at the karsts of Torres and Cabárceno; the latter is recognizable by its reddish color, an effect of the high iron oxide content of the clay that covers the rock.

Peña Cabarga also contains groundwater that rises to the surface on occasion through upwellings like La Covachota, where the Cubón River originates.

Vegetation: The massif’s most notable botanical formation is the coastal oak forest that stretches along its southern slope. At the lower heights, there are also formations of ash, oak, lime, elm, and hazel. The mammal population of Peña Cabarga is composed of foxes, weasels, shrews, and other small rodents. The most notable bird populations are Egyptian vultures, owls, little owls, grebes, and mallards.

Activities: Peña Cabarga is a center of hiking with several marked paths. The path that ascends to the summit of Llen Peak is among the most popular.

Entrances: This space is found nearby the city of Santander. Its main entrance is the CA-412 highway, which departs from the town of Heras and leads into the park, ascending up to its greatest heights.

Here are some tips for eating and sleeping around Peña Cabarga Natural Park

icono comer

In Cabárceno

Restaurante Los Elefantes

Restaurante Casa Venero

In Liérganes

Restaurante La Juguetería

Restaurante El Ojo del Abrego

Restaurante Bolo

Restaurante Bodegón Casa Daniel

In San Salvador

Restaurante Asador Cipri

In Santa María de Cayón

Restaurante La Granja

In Sobarzo

Restaurante La Yerbita

In Solares

Restaurante Casa Enrique

Restaurante Los Guardeses

Restaurante El Tejo

Restaurante La Estación

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In Cabárceno

Posada Casa Venero

In Liérganes

Hotel Balneario de Liérganes

Hotel Miera

Hotel Casona El Arral

Posada Villa Esperanza

In Santa María de Cayón

Casa Rural La Balbina

In Sobarzo

Hotel Bajo el Arce

In Sobremazas

Casa Rural Las Encinas de Peña Cabarga

Casa Rural Los Acebos de Peña Cabarga

In Solares

Hotel Balneario de Solares

Hotel Los Guardeses

Hotel Casa Enrique

Apartamentos Villa Fresnedo

In Valdecilla

Posada El Hidalgo

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Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárceno (Obregón)

Turismo Activo Alto Miera (La Cavada)

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Oficina de Turismo de Liérganes (Paseo del Hombre Pez, s/n. Liérganes. Teléfono: 942 528 543. Coordenadas GPS aprox. 43º 20′ 43.07″ N – 3º 44′ 37.32″ W)

Oficina de Turismo de Santa María de Cayón (Plaza de la Estación, s/n. Sarón. Teléfono: 942 517 724. Coordenadas GPS aprox. 43º 19′ 26.2″ N – 3º 51′ 12.45″ W)

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